Vintage Dealer Doris Raymond of The Way We Wore Back on TV

Doris Raymond in L.A. Frock Stars
One of my most favorite Vintagepreneurs™ and mentors is Doris Raymond of the Way We Wore. Her vintage shop in Los Angeles is a treasure trove of some of the finest and rarest vintage on the market. If any vintage seller deserves to be spotlighted by the Smithsonian it would be Doris. She is back on the Smithsonian Channel with her entertaining show LA Frock Stars. I really loved watching her go on buying adventures and the many celebs that come into her La Brea shop. I can’t wait to see what adventures she takes us on.

From the press release…

Smithsonian Channel will premiere the second season of its critically-acclaimed original series L.A. FROCK STARS, which follows the doyenne of Hollywood vintage, Doris Raymond, and her Los Angeles shop The Way We Wore®, on Thursday, MARCH 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The new season will be comprised of six hour-long episodes. Among those who stop by The Way We Wore during the season are burlesque artist Dita von Teese, designer Jeremy Scott, actress Debi Mazar, actress Kirsten Vangsness, top Hollywood stylist Jen Rade, American Horror Story costume designer Lou Eyrich, stylist to the stars Seth Chernoff and Academy® Award-winning costume designer Mark Bridges.

In a series US Weekly called “a feast for the fashion lover’s eye,” and the New York Times said was both “refreshing” and “engaging,” L.A. FROCK STARS features Raymond and her colorful staff assisting an endless stream of clients, from celebrity stylists to top fashion designers, all searching relevant pieces of vintage fashions from the past. Raymond is prized for her tenacity in finding hidden gems and for her encyclopedic knowledge of designer fashion. Back for season two are store manager and vintage virtuoso Sarah Bergman, and sales associate Shelly Lyn, who is close to launching her The Way We Wore inspired jewelry line. A new face this season is assistant store manager Angelika Sjostrom, a recent vintage convert, whose intelligence, enthusiasm and cheerful disposition have made her an invaluable asset to the store.

I have had the honor of interviewing Doris Raymond a few times. Feel free to check them out!

I’m pretty sure you will be able to purchase episodes as I did in 2013.


courtesy: Smithsonian Channel

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Happy 2015!

debutante clothing vintage

I have to be honest. I’m so glad 2014 is done. It wasn’t the best of years for me creatively or personally. That’s what’s great about a new year. As soon as it strikes 12, you can start over. Like starting with an A at the semester in school. And of course resolutions are mandatory. But I have decided that I only have three for Debutante Clothing this year:

1. List a ton more vintage treasures (because I was hoarding last year)

2. Start creating my own vintage inspired T shirts (which I already started)

3. Talk you more (which I sucked at last year and I apologize)

Easy. It think it’s manageable. And they say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Cheers to day 1!

This is what I did for NYE. I'm wearing 1950s copper lurex dress. Glam punk!

This is what I did for NYE. I’m wearing 1950s copper lurex dress. Glam punk!

What are your goals for this year – vintage or otherwise?

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Vintage Home Decor & Accessories at

Debutante Clothing Collection | Chairish

If you have an obsession with vintage jewelry and accessories, chances are your home is accessorized in vintage too. One King Lane was one of the first home decor marketplaces to carry vintage jewelry and accessories. is the newest online marketplace that offers all vintage home decor, lighting, furniture and vintage jewelry and accessories.

The site is really beautiful and easy to navigate. The selection very well curated, with each piece being approved by specialized curators. Prices are reasonable for the caliber of the selection. Designer labels are mixed with unique and collectible pieces. Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Monet – you name it.

I am completely addicted to Chairish now. Not only do I get my vintage accessories fix, but now I can drool over the furniture and decor as well.

And I’m super excited to be part of the curated collection. Debutante Clothing has a few pieces for sale, with many more coming. Check out my selections!



Let me know how you like the site in the comments below!

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Link Love

Jayne Mansfield

I hope you are had a great week. My week was made sweeter by these links all about vintage! Enjoy!

History of Blond Bombshells

Best Vintage Shopping Apps

100 Years of Hairstyles in Under 1 minute

Leslie Hindman Vintage Fashion Auction Catalog

This guy sells killer mid century modern furniture out of his pop up shop home!

image: Getty/via


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Vintage Links


Expert vintage hunters share their fave finds and business tips

Vintage beauty tutorials

Nasty Gal is selling a collection of vintage Chanel

Eight awesome vintage jewelry dealers on Etsy

Surprisingly non-typical opinions of men on women’s style



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Vintage Inspired Layers

The weather is cooling down here in California – finally! I can’t wait to wear my comfy sweaters and coats. I teamed up with ModCloth to create a Polyvore style board of some of my favorite layering pieces for fall! I am completely in love with all these pieces. The plaid coat is so Vivienne Westwood meets Gwen Stefani!

What are you going to be wearing this Fall?

Femme Punk Layers

Lace shirt

High heel boots

Green purse

Wedding jewelry

Chain necklace

Beanie hat

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How to Find a Dry Cleaner For Your Vintage Clothing

how to dry clean vintage clothing

Trusting your vintage dresses or vintage fur coats to a dry cleaner causes as much anxiety as finding a baby sitter. In my book. Who do you trust with your precious vintage? Do they know how be careful around that metal zipper or how to handle delicate chiffon? And those beads and rhinestone buttons and sequins? Daunting.

I found my dry cleaner locally. I am happy with them 99% if the time. Sometimes I expect miracles and that just can’t happen. I went through several dry cleaners before I found my current one. It’s like finding a hair stylist or colorist – you ask your friends who you know have had good results or you go with trial and error. But finding a cleaning fairy doesn’t have to be so stressful. Here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Call and ask some telling questions: Do you know how to clean vintage clothing? Do you have experience with older fabrics? Do you clean in house or send out? If they answer with “What do you mean?”, “like from the 70s?”, or “We send it out to be cleaned” – NEXT!
  2. Get something less valuable dry cleaned to test them out – if they totally botch it up, at least you didn’t lose something priceless or rare.
  3. Find out what their policy is – hopefully the cleaner is up front about whether or not they can get that stain out or if they are willing to clean your silk dress. If they give you a confident “SURE we can clean that!” and it comes back in shreds, do they hit you with a “We are NOT responsible…” clause? Find out first.
  4. Stick with the good ones – if you do find a good dry cleaner, stick with them. Bring them all your business, not just your vintage. Leave a positive review on Yelp! or Four Square or Facebook. And let them know you did so ! Good dry cleaners are hard to find. They may even start giving you a bulk discount like mine!

If you happen to live in the Inland Empire/Pomona Valley in California, please check out my dry cleaner Rocky’s in Claremont, CA. They’re the best!


photo credit:

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Vintage Loves

Old Fashioneds

Old Fashioneds at Seven Grand, Downtown Los Angeles

5 Places to Buy Vintage Furniture

Looking for vintage treasures in LA? Here are the best Flea Markets in Los Angeles.

I don’t mind looking costumey as long as I look like a pin up! But if you are more low key, here’s how you can make vintage clothing feel more modern.

Gorgeous interior, hot bartenders and stiff whiskey drinks at Seven Grand. Probably my best date ever!

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High Fashion Vintage Paper Dolls

When I was a kid, I loved playing with dolls – Barbie, Cabbage Patch Kids, you name it. One Christmas I received a strange gift – a flat doll made of paper. My eight year old brain thought it was a coloring book until I saw the little tabs on the paper clothing.

vintage Paper dolls by Dover publishing

So when Dover Publications asked me if i would be interested in reviewing their Vintage Fashion paper doll collection, I squealed! Because while the 8 year old in me would have been happy with a Barbie knock off paper doll, the designer crazy grown up in me wants to play with some Chanel and Dior. The level of artistry of these paper dolls and their glamorous flat outfits are truly stunning. They are more like fashion plates than paper dolls.

Chanel Fashion Review Paper Dolls by Tom Tierney, Dover Publishing

vintage Paper dolls by Dover publishing. Greta Garbo, Golden Age of Hollywood

And the details! Greta Garbo’s gown is covered in copper glitter.


I can’t wait to order more paper doll books for my nieces (and by nieces I mean myself). Hopefully I can influence them to love the beauty of classic fashion as an art form. Because these paper dolls are truly works of art!

If you would like to order some collectible fashion paper dolls of your own, you can get an exclusive Debutante Clothing discount of 25% off on your order! This discount is good until August 16, 2014. Or click on the ad in the right hand column.

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What I Am Loving


pink roses

from my garden

Gala Darling was transformed into Elizabeth Taylor! Check out her video.

My friend Rebecca and I went to Viva Las Vegas #17 (a long hiatus for me) and we took a really cute picture with one of her customers who blogs at Like a Tree in the Desert. Rebecca own Desi Roo Clothing, a vintage clothing line using modern and vintage fabrics.

Janie Bryant talks about the costumes on the latest episode of Mad Men. Dirty hippies galore!

Buying vintage and couture as an investment

A lovely eclectic decor mix of her Victorian porch at Making it Lovely



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