What I Am Loving


1. Jergens Face Cream

Just like vintage, when it comes to beauty the old stuff is always better than the new stuff. I rediscovered Jergens Face Cream, or as my Mexcian mom would call it, “la crema de las caritas”. Translation: the cream with the little faces. This stuff WORKS! I use it to remove all my makeup at night and my face is perfectly dewey and clean in the morning. My mom used it up until about 10 years ago and look at her now at 70!

mom1960s momnow

2. Galadarling’s New Design

The lovely Gala Darling has a brand new look and I am so in love with it! It makes sense that I would because Nubbytwiglet designed it. Shauna is an amazing designer that listens to what you want and transforms your jumbled mess in your head and creates something gorgeous. I am so impressed. As a side note, Shauna designed DebutanteClothing.com as well!

3. Planks

I have been working out. Not like crazy, but I learned to embrace my thick legs and large bum. So why not make them the very best they can be? Enter planks. Planks are known for their belly flattening power, but they also strengthen your quads. And your arms! I am all about the multitasking. Oh my goodness do I love this super workout. I started off with just 30 seconds but have now worked up to 60 seconds, 3 times. Now I am going to try one legged planks. I lasted 10 seconds. Ha!

4. Mid Century Lighting

I am obsessed with vintage or vintage inspired pendant lighting right now. I have to replace the tacky 1970s ceiling fans in my house. I fell in love with this mid century style chandelier at West Elm and there are a few Mid Century styles at Lowes too! I am trying to stay away from the very typical Mid Century sputnik look, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!


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Vintage Inspired Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Vintage Inspired Ralph Lauren

Photo by Raymond Hall/FilmMagic

Oh I want to recreate this outfit that Jessica Alba wore to the Ralph Lauren show. I’m not quite sure if it IS Ralph Lauren. I have the patent bag, and a tight, cropped black sweater. Now I just need a romantic chiffon pink skirt. Probably shorter because I am waaaay curvier than Ms. Alba so I would look like a fancy piñata if I wore that length.

What do you think of this outfit?

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New Vintage E-shop Coming Soon!

I haven’t been posting on the blog lately because I have been working really hard (fun work) on the new e-shop for Debutante Clothing. Here’s a sneak pic of what it will look like:

debutante clothing vintage e shop

I have moved the the Shopify platform. After checking with a few vintage colleagues on how they like it, I played around with it and LOVED it instantly. So easy to use and as a shopper, I think you will love it too. I was able to create a navigation bar that I think delivers everything you want and need. Shop by apparel type, shop by size, shop by era! Awesome right?

If you would like to know when I launch the ecommerce site, please make sure you sign up for the newsletter located on that right side over there. Click SUBSCRIBE. If you are already subscribed, don’t worry – you will know too.

Oh! And if you are local to the Pomona, CA area, you can always shop in person at my vintage showroom.

Thanks for your patience. I promise it will be worth it.

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Letting go



I was sorting through bins upon bins of vintage clothing I have collected over the years and realized I needed to let go of some of my treasures which I logically call inventory. Selling vintage is a very difficult process for those of us that see the beauty in items that others might not. We want to rescue it all –  give it new life. We want to show it love and attention. We ignore the stains and rips and tell it it is beautiful in our eyes.

Sometimes I find a vintage garment or home good and I am conscious of its flaws. I know it will take some work to revive it or make it presentable. I  know it’s probably best to pass it up. Just say no. But the potential! But it’s rare! But it’s almost perfect.

And as much mending,  polishing, re-dying, re-painting as I put in, it is still going to be worth much less to everyone else than it is to me.

And my most valuable pieces? Yes, this is how hoarding starts my friends. They are too beautiful and too valuable to let go. It’s time to decide if I am a collector or dealer – a fine line always.

This is all a parallel of what my personal life has been for almost a year, which is why you haven’t heard from me. Letting go has been a painful process. It seems that as soon as you let go of one important thing in your life, it’s soon time to let go of another.

So I took some time off to let go of many things. And I realized that when I let go of personal human treasures  from the past, it made me focus on letting go of the physical vintage treasures piling up and reviving the activities that make me happy like blogging and discussing vintage.

So I’m back.

The blog will be taking a new direction – not just focused on vintage clothing, but home and lifestyle as well. I hope you will revisit me and come along for the ride.

For now, I am letting go of the guilt of not blogging, letting go of a ton of vintage treasures, and letting go of any goals and expectations that aren’t a direct reflection of who I am and what I love. I hope you love it too.







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Vintage Link Love

vintage secretary vintage links


Because I love to curate vintage news too…

The history of the Birkin bag – DoYouRemember.com give a history lesson on the most iconic luxury bag, the Hermes Birkin

The Department Store Museum is a great resource for learning about the history of department stores

$15 Flea Market Find to Fetch $300,000 – A rare Alexander Calder necklace from the 30s was found at a flea market and going to auction

Fashion journalist and owner of the vintage clothing shop Lovely’s Vintage Emporium shares her vintage shopping tips with Marie Claire UK (P.S. Lynnette Peck Bateman is also featured in my social media for vintage dealers guide)

A great feature and interview with Katie Thomas of vintage lingerie shop What Katie Did


image source: Exhile or Exhibit

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Vintage Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Style & Travel

planes trains automobile exhibition FIDM

I’ve always said that I wish we could dress for travel. They way people used to dress before leggings and sweat pants were acceptable to board a plane. Well I’m not alone! A few weeks ago, I attended the opening of a new exhibition at the FIDM Museum. My friend Jessica Hastings of MyVintageVogue.com collaborated with Dave Temple, owner of Clever Vintage and the Helms Vintage Show, to create a super fun exhibit of travel styles and travel advertisements and fashion photography throughout the decades.

The exhibit is fabulous! Refined suits, practical and stylish luggage and wonderful images all depicting stylish and well traveled families jetsetting and road tripping.

The exhibition is still going on at the FIDM Museum. But hurry, it ends July 19. You’ll love it!

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Thrifted Thursday – Mid Century Brass Desk Lamp

I love it when I am shopping for one thing, but I find something even better instead. I practically sprinted for this AMAZING mid century brass lamp last week. The brass color, the patina, the stylish bulbous head, the sexy curves. Oh it’s soooo good! And it works! The only thing is that it requires small round bulbs, like for chandeliers. So that’s a bit of an extra expense. But she is so worth it. She’s too pretty not to use. I have not rewired it. I don’t think I will either because the cord is in perfect condition and the base is covered in the hard plastic so I don’t think there is any damage. I love to shop at thrift stores for my home!

Do you rewire your vintage lamps? Leave me a comment!

mid century brass desk lamp

mid century brass desk lamp

mid century brass desk lamp

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Social Media & Marketing Tips for Vintage & Antique Dealers – Vintagepreneur

I’m so excited to announce the launch of a new project – Vintagepreneur! Vintagepreneur.com is a platform for vintage and antiques dealers who really want to embrace social media, blogging and online marketing but are a bit overwhelmed. Owning a vintage business is overwhelming. Most dealers are too busy or overwhelmed to deal with social media and online marketing. But it’s sort of a catch 22 for most dealers – how will people find you and your merchandise if you aren’t putting yourself out there?

Vintagepreneur social media & marketing tools for vintage dealers

I’m a teacher by trade, so I have always tried to teach and coach my vintage colleagues about blogging and how to use these really cool internet tools to help them with business. So this new site came sort of organically. I teach so why not teach something I am passionate about – social media and vintage! I even adopted the title of Vintagepreneur. I think it describes me well! I am so excited about the possibilities for the platform. Mostly I wanted to create a space where I could share all the stuff I have learned, the mistakes I have made (and how to avoid them), and help people use social media to grow grow grow!

So if you are a vintage or antiques dealer, currently or aspiring, or know someone who is, please send them the link to Vintagepreneur.com. I’m really hoping, as vintage and antiques folks, we can learn from each other.

And I have a special launch gift. When you sign up for the mailing list, you get a free eguide! FREE! It’s my top three must use social media sites for your vintage business. I even give you examples of vintage dealers and influencers who are using the sites very effectively.

This is a scary, exciting, thrilling, feels right, announcement. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to seeing some of you vinties on the other site!

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Google Reader Is Going Away, But We Can Still K.I.T.!

debutante clothing on bloglovin

I have been blogging here as Debutante Clothing since 2005! Whoa. I’m an oldie, but a goodie. Which is why I want to make sure we don’t lose touch. If you are a subscriber to the RSS feed here and you use Google Reader, you will soon be missing out on any new updates to the blog because Google Reader will no longer exsist as of July 1. That means you will lose all your favorite blog feeds as well. So I had to find some alternatives for you if you want to continue to receive updates via a RSS reader.

My favorite is Bloglovin‘. It really is a pretty reader, and let’s face it – this is a visual blog and if you follow as many vintage, fashion, home decor and style blogs as I do, the images are just as important as the content.

Bloglovin’ really understands style consumers like me and you. This reader is clean, very well organized, easy to use, and it even makes really smart suggestions for other blogs you might like.

And the best part is that Bloglovin’ makes it super easy to transfer your Google Reader feeds over. So here is a checklist of things to do so you don’t miss this feed and so you don’t lose the rest of your fave blogs:

1. Sign up for Bloglovin’

2. Add DebutanteClothing.com to your feeds. (You can use the button on the right side of this page as well) Follow on Bloglovin

3. Transfer your feeds from Google Reader

If you subscribe to my feed via email, no worries! I got you covered. MailChimp will now deliver my blog updates to your email box. I take care of ya!

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9 Must Have Products for Cleaning Your Vintage

Good things come to those who wait? How about good vintage stays with those who know how to take care of their stuff! Vintage clothing is great for the environment, sure, but you and I both know we love vintage clothing for the great design, uniqueness, and excellent construction. But if you want high quality clothing, you have to put in a little more effort than throwing it in the wash and tumbling dry, at least if you want your vintage treasures to last.

These are my recommended products for your vintage cleaning toolkit. Feel free to suggest your faves in the comments!

products for cleaning vintage

1. Folex – This is really a carpet stain remover, but it has been the only commercial product that I have used that can take arm pit stains right out. I have used it on very delicate fabrics and it works like a charm with no damage.

2. Eucalan -  This is a fantastic product for very delicate or older fabrics. No rinsing is necessary so you don’t gave to worry about tearing delicate fabrics.

3. Magic Eraser – I use this on all hard surfaces such as vintage handbags and shoes. It’s especicially good for removing grease pencil and cleaning the bottoms of shoes.

4. Distilled White Vinegar – I spritz white vinegar on any smelly fabrics and hang them to dry. it really gets rid of that dreaded nicotine smell. I also use it on faint underarm stains and I use it in the rinse cycle to brighten colors.

5. Ivory Snow – I use the powder form when I can find it. I like it much better than Woolite. It seems to rinse out better.

6. All Free and Clear – For washable vintage, I use All Free and Clear as my detergent. It has no perfume and free of anything that causes allergies.

7. Kitty Litter – This is great for removing odors from vintage handbags and luggage. I grab a plastic bag, put some kitty litter in it, put my vintage in a pillow case, put the pillow case in the plastic bag and let it sit for a couple of days. Smells disappear.

8. Lavender or Cedar – Lavendar sachets or cedar chips or block are a must for keeping moths away. As much as you try to keep the doors closed, the little suckers can fly right in.

9. SoilLove – This is a miracle stain remover. It  stinks a bit but it gets most stains out. The best part is you can find it at the dollar store. Yup. $1!

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