Book Review: Closet Confidential (Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way)

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This book review has been a long time coming. Please excuse the tardiness.

I’ve always mixed vintage with modern clothing. I love shopping for modern staples that I can mix with my vintage finds. But sometimes I find shopping for essentials like jeans daunting and psychologically scaring. So when I was given the opportunity to review the deliciously sharp-witted Winona Dimeo-Ediger’s book, Close Confidential – Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way, I knew I was in for a very real fashion treat. You may Winona as the blogger extrordinaire of Daddy Likey. If you aren’t familiar with her blog, go check it out now! I only promote smart girls. She’s one of them.

What impressed me the most about this book was the tone. Seriously. I know writers talk about voice and tone a lot. But Winona’s voice really does come through here. She is so direct and familiar with her spot on advice that it’s like talking to a girlfriend.

I have several style books – Nina Garcia, Simon Doonan, Edith Head, even the gals from Cheap Date. But Closet Confidential is the real girl’s guide written by a real girl.

Some of my favorite portions:

The Denim Guide – I literally just bought my first pair of Paige jeans and I wouldn’t have taken the psychological or monetary plunge if it weren’t for Winona’s guide. I was a Levi’s kind of girl, but I really wanted a pair of skinny, premium jeans. Her guide is indispensable.

Stylish Delicious Combos – when you work with fashion, sometimes you just don’t want to think about what you are wearing. Winona spells out nine easy to achieve looks and the pieces needed to get them. My fave? Cozy Parisian

Her Passionate Essay about Flats – seriously. It’s passionate. And so funny. Style guides are not supposed to make us laugh out loud on flights!

The Bags We Carried – I think Winona is lying about how much she loves flats. I think handbags and purses are really her vice. Especially after reading her hysterical account of why she needs an old lip balm with sand in it and a miniature pencil she found in her bag. Again – style is serious. Stop it Winona!

Six Types of Jewelry You Should Never Get Rid Of - I’m a jewelry fiend so I really appreciated this section. Her recommendations were spot on. Especially her choices for jewelry it’s ok to toss – toe rings, earrings shaped like miniature souvenirs, and bolo ties.

The book is riddled with funny and oh so true pointers. This is probably the only book I read cover to cover. If you are stuck for ideas on what to give your friend that is smart, funny but not really into style and fashion, give her this book! She’ll love it.

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1 Winona { 12.21.09 at 1:08 am }

What a great review! Thank you so much, my dear! :)

2 All Women Stalker { 12.22.09 at 6:21 pm }

What a nice review, makes me want to buy the book now. Haha

3 Jaynie Van Roe { 12.23.09 at 1:09 am }

I just gave you an award at my blog :)
Happy holidays from Here’s Looking Like You, Kid!

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