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Because I love to curate vintage news too…

The history of the Birkin bag – give a history lesson on the most iconic luxury bag, the Hermes Birkin

The Department Store Museum is a great resource for learning about the history of department stores

$15 Flea Market Find to Fetch $300,000 – A rare Alexander Calder necklace from the 30s was found at a flea market and going to auction

Fashion journalist and owner of the vintage clothing shop Lovely’s Vintage Emporium shares her vintage shopping tips with Marie Claire UK (P.S. Lynnette Peck Bateman is also featured in my social media for vintage dealers guide)

A great feature and interview with Katie Thomas of vintage lingerie shop What Katie Did


image source: Exhile or Exhibit

August 16, 2013   No Comments

Why That Vintage Dress Is Worth More Than You Are Paying

It never fails. Vintage dealers and shoppers wondering out loud why one vintage dress is worth over $200 in a boutique when an equally cute one at the flea market costs $40. Dealers wondering why they can only get $80 for a 1950s dress while another dealer gets almost $400 for a similar dress. Shoppers looking for something unique and pretty, grumbling about the $300 price tag.

The truth is, there are a number of factors that play into the value and price of a vintage dress. Vintage clothing really is not for the fan of fast fashion. That mentality goes out the window if you want to wear vintage. Here’s why…

1. Sourcing Vintage Is Time Consuming

The closest the vintage clothing marketplace has to a fashion week or Market, are vintage fairs and vintage expos such as the Santa Monica Vintage Expo and A Current Affair. These vintage marketplaces are highly curated so every piece is highly wearable. Vintage shoppers and dealers alike get to reap the benefits of someone’s hard work and dedication to find these gems. Of course the price tag will be higher – the hard work has been done.

But if you go to a flea market or thrift store, you have to do the grunt work. You have to sift through packed racks of really ugly pieces, damaged items and unwearable vintage do get the bargain basement prices.

Would you rather dig or pay someone a convenience fee for finding fabulous vintage for you?

2. Taste Level – The Eyes Have It

Anyone can source old clothing. The real talent comes when you can trust the dealer has a good eye – the unique ability to find beautiful pieces that are wearable, relevant and unique. This skill cannot be taught. No matter how many fashion books you read or how many episodes of Sex and The City you watch. Being able to pick out good vintage is a gift, like singing or painting. The best dealers have keen sense of design, construction, detail and combining history, fashion and sociology.

3.  Cleaning and Mending

It baffles me how many dealers on Ebay are able to sell “Minty” dresses. Where are these golden pots of vintage dresses? Because most of the dresses I have found need some kind of repair or restoration. A falling hem, an incorrect alteration, a tear or busted zipper. Vintage dealers have a love affair with their pieces. Each one is hard to part with because we know how special and rare they are. We want to bring them back to their glory as much as possible while still keeping a profit margin.

A dealer who is willing to clean their merchandise before selling it really cares about their customers. I wouldn’t want someone to receive a vintage dress that smelled of moth balls or nicotine. There is something to be said about customer service. It’s the equivalent of shopping at a department store that offers impeccable service, even if those jeans or that jersey dress could be purchased for less at a store with no customer service perks.

4. Scarcity

So I’m one of those kooky people that believes in the power of abundance. I firmly believe that I receive from the Universe as much as I give to the Universe. Sometimes that comes in the form of love and kindness, and other times the Universe repays me with pretty 1950s dresses! But as much as I pray that the Universe send me a lifetime couture Chanel piece,  the reality is that good vintage is being picked a feverish pace by everyone. People are going coo-coo for vintage. Great for sales, but finding good vintage is getting harder and harder. Especially for those of us who love mid-century and older vintage. So when a vintage seller can offer an array of beautiful frocks and baubles, you have to realize how difficult it was to find that piece for you.

So the next time you fall in love with a pretty, frilly thing that makes you feel like a movie star from a black and white film, don’t think twice! Grab that dress and run to the cashier before I do.


[image source: Reginas Studio – Etsy]

April 16, 2013   22 Comments

Vintage Dealers – How Do You Feel About Social Media?

I am a social media addict. Have been since my very first blog post back in 2005. It just makes sense to me if you are running an online business that social media would be a natural form of communication and marketing. But lord is it time consuming! And can be overwhelming. Being a teacher by trade and a total advocate of social media, I’m really excited to announce that I am going to be offering some workshops to people who deal in vintage fashion, antiques and collectibles who want to know more about blogging and social media, and how to use it well in the unique world of collectibles.

I have a very short, seriously like 45 seconds or less, survey to get a feel for what people get, need or want more of in terms of learning social media and blogging. If you are a vintage or antiques dealer and want to learn more about social media and you can use it to help your marketing efforts and sales, fill out my survey.

Click Here to Take Survey!


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