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Merry Christmas

We wish you and yours a very loving and peaceful Christmas!


December 25, 2015   No Comments

Vintage Shop Return Policies

vintage dresses debutante clothingI was thinning out my personal vintage dress collection and realized I had several pieces that I purchased knowing my own measurements very, very well and when I received my items they just didn’t fit.

Either my arms were too fat, or my rib cage was too wide. Yes, it even happens to professionals. So frustrating. Especially since I wasn’t able to return it as soon as I knew it wouldn’t work. I’m sure this has happened to you.

As a collector and vintage shop owner, it made me question my own return policy. Why would I put limits on my amazing customers that I don’t appreciate myself?

So I changed it!

I know this might be unpopular with many other sellers, and I fully understand, but I also understand the fear and frustration as a wearer of vintage when you receive a valuable piece or special dress and it doesn’t fit. It’s not like I am buying Extra Small when I know damn well I wear a 14 in 1950s dresses.

It was a tough decision for the following reasons:

  1. vintage is hard to find – what if something happens to it?
  2. there are some shady people out there who wear things and send them back
  3. it’s not my fault people don’t measure the basics like bust, waist, hips

These are all valid and realistic reasons. But then I thought about my customers – especially the ones who have been with me since 2005! The ones who know I sell quality and don’t haggle with me. And really I changed policy for them. And for people like me who are hunting for fantastic vintage, are willing to pay the price for quality, and are honest people.

Those kind of vintage loving gals are the ones I love and want to be friends with. They are worth the risk.

And besides, Karma is a fickle little bitch!


August 17, 2015   No Comments

New Debutante Clothing Vintage Showroom

vintage shop, vintage store Debutante Clothing

It’s been a while! Sorry. I have been really busy packing, moving, unpacking. I moved into a beautiful new space, just across the street from the old showroom. Still in the exciting Arts Colony in Downtown Pomona, CA (most eastern part of LA County).

I love it! It’s a bit more space, but more importantly, it’s ground level. Now visitors don’t have to feel weird about coming up to the 3rd floor of an old Art Deco building.

The building itself was built in 1910 and registered as a historic building. My space used to be the entrance and reception desk of the hotel above the store front. The exterior is a massive and stoic facade of aged bricks, typical of 1910.

My favorite feature is the entrance of the now converted space! When you slide open the beautiful barn doors, you’re greeted with elegant French paned doors.

I’ll be having a Grand Re-Opening celebration during the Pomona Art Walk, May 9, 2015. Cocktails, beer and fun, stylish people. If you are local, PLEASE COME!

I can’t wait to share more pictures of the new showroom as it grows.

April 28, 2015   4 Comments

Happy 2015!

debutante clothing vintage

I have to be honest. I’m so glad 2014 is done. It wasn’t the best of years for me creatively or personally. That’s what’s great about a new year. As soon as it strikes 12, you can start over. Like starting with an A at the semester in school. And of course resolutions are mandatory. But I have decided that I only have three for Debutante Clothing this year:

1. List a ton more vintage treasures (because I was hoarding last year)

2. Start creating my own vintage inspired T shirts (which I already started)

3. Talk you more (which I sucked at last year and I apologize)

Easy. It think it’s manageable. And they say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Cheers to day 1!

This is what I did for NYE. I'm wearing 1950s copper lurex dress. Glam punk!

This is what I did for NYE. I’m wearing 1950s copper lurex dress. Glam punk!

What are your goals for this year – vintage or otherwise?

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Vintage Home Decor & Accessories at

Debutante Clothing Collection | Chairish

If you have an obsession with vintage jewelry and accessories, chances are your home is accessorized in vintage too. One King Lane was one of the first home decor marketplaces to carry vintage jewelry and accessories. is the newest online marketplace that offers all vintage home decor, lighting, furniture and vintage jewelry and accessories.

The site is really beautiful and easy to navigate. The selection very well curated, with each piece being approved by specialized curators. Prices are reasonable for the caliber of the selection. Designer labels are mixed with unique and collectible pieces. Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Monet – you name it.

I am completely addicted to Chairish now. Not only do I get my vintage accessories fix, but now I can drool over the furniture and decor as well.

And I’m super excited to be part of the curated collection. Debutante Clothing has a few pieces for sale, with many more coming. Check out my selections!



Let me know how you like the site in the comments below!

December 10, 2014   1 Comment

New Vintage E-shop Coming Soon!

I haven’t been posting on the blog lately because I have been working really hard (fun work) on the new e-shop for Debutante Clothing. Here’s a sneak pic of what it will look like:

debutante clothing vintage e shop

I have moved the the Shopify platform. After checking with a few vintage colleagues on how they like it, I played around with it and LOVED it instantly. So easy to use and as a shopper, I think you will love it too. I was able to create a navigation bar that I think delivers everything you want and need. Shop by apparel type, shop by size, shop by era! Awesome right?

If you would like to know when I launch the ecommerce site, please make sure you sign up for the newsletter located on that right side over there. Click SUBSCRIBE. If you are already subscribed, don’t worry – you will know too.

Oh! And if you are local to the Pomona, CA area, you can always shop in person at my vintage showroom.

Thanks for your patience. I promise it will be worth it.

March 27, 2014   2 Comments

Letting go



I was sorting through bins upon bins of vintage clothing I have collected over the years and realized I needed to let go of some of my treasures which I logically call inventory. Selling vintage is a very difficult process for those of us that see the beauty in items that others might not. We want to rescue it all –  give it new life. We want to show it love and attention. We ignore the stains and rips and tell it it is beautiful in our eyes.

Sometimes I find a vintage garment or home good and I am conscious of its flaws. I know it will take some work to revive it or make it presentable. I  know it’s probably best to pass it up. Just say no. But the potential! But it’s rare! But it’s almost perfect.

And as much mending,  polishing, re-dying, re-painting as I put in, it is still going to be worth much less to everyone else than it is to me.

And my most valuable pieces? Yes, this is how hoarding starts my friends. They are too beautiful and too valuable to let go. It’s time to decide if I am a collector or dealer – a fine line always.

This is all a parallel of what my personal life has been for almost a year, which is why you haven’t heard from me. Letting go has been a painful process. It seems that as soon as you let go of one important thing in your life, it’s soon time to let go of another.

So I took some time off to let go of many things. And I realized that when I let go of personal human treasures  from the past, it made me focus on letting go of the physical vintage treasures piling up and reviving the activities that make me happy like blogging and discussing vintage.

So I’m back.

The blog will be taking a new direction – not just focused on vintage clothing, but home and lifestyle as well. I hope you will revisit me and come along for the ride.

For now, I am letting go of the guilt of not blogging, letting go of a ton of vintage treasures, and letting go of any goals and expectations that aren’t a direct reflection of who I am and what I love. I hope you love it too.







February 13, 2014   5 Comments

Social Media & Marketing Tips for Vintage & Antique Dealers – Vintagepreneur

I’m so excited to announce the launch of a new project – Vintagepreneur! is a platform for vintage and antiques dealers who really want to embrace social media, blogging and online marketing but are a bit overwhelmed. Owning a vintage business is overwhelming. Most dealers are too busy or overwhelmed to deal with social media and online marketing. But it’s sort of a catch 22 for most dealers – how will people find you and your merchandise if you aren’t putting yourself out there?

Vintagepreneur social media & marketing tools for vintage dealers

I’m a teacher by trade, so I have always tried to teach and coach my vintage colleagues about blogging and how to use these really cool internet tools to help them with business. So this new site came sort of organically. I teach so why not teach something I am passionate about – social media and vintage! I even adopted the title of Vintagepreneur. I think it describes me well! I am so excited about the possibilities for the platform. Mostly I wanted to create a space where I could share all the stuff I have learned, the mistakes I have made (and how to avoid them), and help people use social media to grow grow grow!

So if you are a vintage or antiques dealer, currently or aspiring, or know someone who is, please send them the link to I’m really hoping, as vintage and antiques folks, we can learn from each other.

And I have a special launch gift. When you sign up for the mailing list, you get a free eguide! FREE! It’s my top three must use social media sites for your vintage business. I even give you examples of vintage dealers and influencers who are using the sites very effectively.

This is a scary, exciting, thrilling, feels right, announcement. Thank you for all your support and I look forward to seeing some of you vinties on the other site!

June 26, 2013   3 Comments

Google Reader Is Going Away, But We Can Still K.I.T.!

debutante clothing on bloglovin

I have been blogging here as Debutante Clothing since 2005! Whoa. I’m an oldie, but a goodie. Which is why I want to make sure we don’t lose touch. If you are a subscriber to the RSS feed here and you use Google Reader, you will soon be missing out on any new updates to the blog because Google Reader will no longer exsist as of July 1. That means you will lose all your favorite blog feeds as well. So I had to find some alternatives for you if you want to continue to receive updates via a RSS reader.

My favorite is Bloglovin‘. It really is a pretty reader, and let’s face it – this is a visual blog and if you follow as many vintage, fashion, home decor and style blogs as I do, the images are just as important as the content.

Bloglovin’ really understands style consumers like me and you. This reader is clean, very well organized, easy to use, and it even makes really smart suggestions for other blogs you might like.

And the best part is that Bloglovin’ makes it super easy to transfer your Google Reader feeds over. So here is a checklist of things to do so you don’t miss this feed and so you don’t lose the rest of your fave blogs:

1. Sign up for Bloglovin’

2. Add to your feeds. (You can use the button on the right side of this page as well) Follow on Bloglovin

3. Transfer your feeds from Google Reader

If you subscribe to my feed via email, no worries! I got you covered. MailChimp will now deliver my blog updates to your email box. I take care of ya!

June 24, 2013   2 Comments

Vintage Field Trip – The Graber Olive House


My sister won a an awesome contest. She won a photo session with photographer Trisha Alonzo for her engagement pictures. I mentioned before that my sister wants a rustic vintage themed wedding so she asked me for some ideas on some good locations for the photo shoot, locally. She knows I am an obsessed crazy woman when it comes to historical buildings and local history so this assignment was pretty easy for me. Luckily I love in the historical part of our little town, Ontario, California. Yes the city was founded by Canadians. You can imagine the confusion about my address since not very many people have heard of Ontario, Calif.

I have to say we are home to some very big names. The Sunkist factory (we were known for our citrus), the Hotpoint electric iron, one of the oldest wooden baseball fields, Jay Littleton Ball Park (The Babe and A League of Their Own filmed there), and of course, Mr. mid-century Americana, Mr. Charles Phoenix.

One location that I knew my sister would like is the Graber Olive House. The Graber Olive House sits in the middle of what is now a residential neighborhood. But it was at one point a thriving olive grove and packing plant.

After purchasing land in Ontario in 1892, C. C. Graber discovered olives, as cured by the earlier ranchers, to be one of the finest food delicacies of California. After research and study of this method, Mr. Graber cured several barrels and the following season a much greater quantity was demanded by neighbors and friends who had eaten from the original barrels. Thus began Ontario’s oldest existing business.

There are no longer olive trees on the premises, but the old, original buildings and machinery remain. It was fun to explore the living museum of such an old business, and a local treasure. It made a beautifully rustic backdrop for my sister and her fiance’s engagement pictures.

all images Copyright © 2013 Sandra Mendoza. All rights reserved.

June 12, 2013   2 Comments

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