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Vintage Dealer Doris Raymond of The Way We Wore Back on TV

Doris Raymond in L.A. Frock Stars
One of my most favorite Vintagepreneurs™ and mentors is Doris Raymond of the Way We Wore. Her vintage shop in Los Angeles is a treasure trove of some of the finest and rarest vintage on the market. If any vintage seller deserves to be spotlighted by the Smithsonian it would be Doris. She is back on the Smithsonian Channel with her entertaining show LA Frock Stars. I really loved watching her go on buying adventures and the many celebs that come into her La Brea shop. I can’t wait to see what adventures she takes us on.

From the press release…

Smithsonian Channel will premiere the second season of its critically-acclaimed original series L.A. FROCK STARS, which follows the doyenne of Hollywood vintage, Doris Raymond, and her Los Angeles shop The Way We Wore®, on Thursday, MARCH 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The new season will be comprised of six hour-long episodes. Among those who stop by The Way We Wore during the season are burlesque artist Dita von Teese, designer Jeremy Scott, actress Debi Mazar, actress Kirsten Vangsness, top Hollywood stylist Jen Rade, American Horror Story costume designer Lou Eyrich, stylist to the stars Seth Chernoff and Academy® Award-winning costume designer Mark Bridges.

In a series US Weekly called “a feast for the fashion lover’s eye,” and the New York Times said was both “refreshing” and “engaging,” L.A. FROCK STARS features Raymond and her colorful staff assisting an endless stream of clients, from celebrity stylists to top fashion designers, all searching relevant pieces of vintage fashions from the past. Raymond is prized for her tenacity in finding hidden gems and for her encyclopedic knowledge of designer fashion. Back for season two are store manager and vintage virtuoso Sarah Bergman, and sales associate Shelly Lyn, who is close to launching her The Way We Wore inspired jewelry line. A new face this season is assistant store manager Angelika Sjostrom, a recent vintage convert, whose intelligence, enthusiasm and cheerful disposition have made her an invaluable asset to the store.

I have had the honor of interviewing Doris Raymond a few times. Feel free to check them out!

I’m pretty sure you will be able to purchase episodes as I did in 2013.


courtesy: Smithsonian Channel

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Vintage Style | Fashion Goes Retro in 2010


Thanks to Nubbytwiglet for linking to this to die for collection of vintage inspired fashion editorials from Fashion Gone Rogue. I know I have seen more this year, and Vogue Italia has a love affair with the past. Thank you Franca! That’s why ti amo.

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Vintage Shopping | Debutante Clothing Will Be Selling at A Current Affair


I have the most amazing news! I will be selling some of my vintage pieces at the amazing new pop-up vintage marketplace A Current Affair. The brainchild of amazing vintage jewelry dealer Richard Wainwright and Scout owner and vintage guru Joey Gana, the show brings together some incredible vintage dealers who are likely to bring some fantastic vintage for the fashion forward LA crowd.

This is my first show EVER! I’m freaking out a bit. I’ve always attended the Vintage Fashion Expo as a buyer or press, but never as a seller. So why not jump into the deep end right? Luckily, vintage fans are such nice people, so I am guaranteed a good time at least.


And just when I thought this event couldn’t get better, an announcement was made today that Liz Goldwyn will be the hostess! I love Ms. Goldwyn – her mix of vintage and modern always pays an homage to burlesque, theater and sexy glamor goddesses of the past. The paperback version of her book Pretty Things is coming out and she will be signing copies Friday night. I own the beautiful pink hardback – it’s like a jewelry box full of tantalizing photos and history about this seductive art.

I would love to see any of you who live in the area and are planning on attending that day. I know there are a lot of events going on that weekend with Artisnal and UniqueLA going on at the same time, but vintage makes a great and unique Christmas gift! I’ll even bribe you – mention my blog and get a 15% discount!

I’ll be by the bar – no really. I will.

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Vintage Inspired | LOFT Gets Glamorous At Chateau Marmont Hollywood


Last Wednesday, I made the drive down the 101 to one of the most famous hotels in California – the Chateau Marmot. I was invited by LOFT to preview their Fall 2010 collection. LOFT Style Studio is a collaboration with stylists to create fashion forward looks using fall staples. The LOFT look book included four stylists: Tina Chai, Kate Young, Joanne Blades and Alia Ahmed-Yahia. For the LA event, LOFT partnered with LA stylist Nicole Chavez.

Now if memories of Ann Taylor’s work appropriate clothing come to mind, you have another thing coming.

LOFT has completely changed their designs and branding. I would actually wear these pieces on the weekends and to casual events. I’ve always been a fan of their feminine, vintage inspired blouses, slacks and skirts, but the new collection adds a bit more edge.

Striped knit cardigans, tweed jackets, chiffon ruffled blouses and oversized herringbone pattern metallic skirts really made a youthful yet sophisticated impression with an undeniably vintage feel.

Gorgeous models lounged around the penthouse suite of the 1920s hotel. Each room had a different vignette including a terrace with LOFT models sitting in chairs, a living room with models sitting around on the sofa, a dining room with models sitting at a dining table, but the room that captivated me the most was the gorgeous bedroom.

I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to stare at the models or the decor. Black and white striped curtains framed a perfectly glamorous boudoir complete with vintage vanity and accompanying trinkets. LOFT models sat around on the bed and vanity stool looking stylish, put together, and completely comfortable. Mission accomplished LOFT!

As if champagne, the Chateau Marmont dripping with celebrities, and great conversation weren’t enough, we were given a gift bag on our way out. The bag itself is a gift in its own right, but the amazing jewelry in the bag was more than I had expected.

A stunning statement cuff and completely me necklace made of brass toned chain with dangling leather rectangles studded with rhinestones were tucked inside the goody bag. I am seriously looking at LOFT in a whole new light.


Can anyone tell me if the image on the gift bag is a Ruben Toledo illustration? it certainly looks like one!

What do you think about the new LOFT collection? Would you wear it?

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The Coveted, PR Couture, Fashionably Marketing, & Debutante Out in LA

social media fashion bloggers

Last Thursday, I was thrilled to attend the anticipated social media panel put on by Fashion Group International, Los Angeles. The panel consisted of fashion attorney Staci Riordan, Jennine Jacobs of the Coveted and Independent Fashion Bloggers, Macala Wright Lee of, and Crosby Noricks of PR Couture.

crosby noricks social media fashion bloggers
Crosby Noricks of PR Couture

jennine social media fashion bloggers
Jennine Jacobs of The Coveted

I’ve been friends with Crosby and Jennine for a long time. It’s sort of odd that I had never met Jennine up until Thursday though. But that’s the magic of social media. You really get to know people, despite the miles and pixels between you. I’ve spent a bit more time with Crosby because she only lives about 2 hours away from me. I love her to death. Macala is a marketing power house and a blast to hang out with as well. I liked Macala as soon as i met her. You can imagine my giddiness when I not only got to spend time with all of these ladies, but I also got to learn from them.

macala social media fashion bloggers
Macala Wright Lee of Fashionably Marketing

The audience consisted of fashion professionals wanting to add social media to their marketing mix. I felt pretty good about my own understanding and use of social media because i felt that the information shared was pretty much in line with what I already know and use in the world of social media and marketing.

Being in the presence of not just friends, but movers and shakers in the online fashion arena, gave me the focus I needed to think about where I want to take Debutante Clothing, myself, and my business. I was feeling empowered and inspired being amongst my friends and colleagues.

The next morning, I arranged for us all to meet at Down Beat Cafe in Echo Park for some brunch and some girl time. Even though I’ve known Jennine for some time, sitting and talking to someone, live, really fills in the little pieces of the puzzle of that person. Their mannerisms, their voice. Jennine is as much a doll in real life as she is in person.

I’m so glad I got to spend some quality time, professionally and as friends with Jennine, Crosby, and Macala. I’m hoping we can do it again soon!


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Links à la Mode : May 6 The Business and Beauty of Style

links a la mode

The Business and Beauty of Style

Edited by Debutante Clothing

This week, the links were especially thoughtful. With all of the buzz about fashion bloggers and how (or if) we make money, it was great to see some insightful posts about fashion and the almighty dollar. Grechen of Grechen Blogs discusses blogging for money, while Style On a String takes an in depth look at the dark side of logo chasing. But let’s not get too bogged down with the seriousness of fashion. Perhaps Simply Luxurious can convince you to indulge in the beauty of fashion with her collage of gorgeous, backless gowns. Or maybe you’re more interested in a catwalk down memory lane, via celluloid, with Old Fashion Love Story’s stills of unforgettable 70s costumes from the film Mahogany (costume designed by Miss Diana Ross!). After all, in the sarcastic words of Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada, “Yes, that is what this billion dollar business is all about. Inner beauty”. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : May 6

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Dedicated Follower of Fashion Interviews Debutante Clothing!

Kelsi of Dedicated Follower of Fashion was sweet enough to ask me to do an interview for her new column called Avant Garb. I love talking about vintage to anyone who will listen so this was a fun opportunity. I’m flattered to have been asked. Go check it out!


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Vintage Links | The Week in Vintage

photo: pulpwoman

Go vintage clothing shopping with designer Philip Lim [Tales of Endearment]

Work clothes brand, Dickies, creates a 1930s inspired capsule collection (my husband will love this!) [WWD]

The best flea markets in France [Guardian] features a vintage Pierre Cardin necklace from Garland Collects to celebrate the release of Cardin’s autobiography Pierre
Cardin, 60 Years of Innovation

Halston documentary Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston premiering at Tribeca Film Festival. You can see a clip at T Magazine. []

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110 Years of Fashion Panel at California Market Center Discusses Vintage Influence

CMC WGSN 110 Years of Fashion

Sue Wong, Doris Raymond, Sally Lohan

In my world, vintage fashion and fashion history don’t really live in a vacuum. As much as I love vintage clothing and accessories, I don’t consider myself a scholar like my friend Heather Vaughan. My real passion lies in that intersection between vintage and its influence on modern clothing.

This topic is precisely what fashion designer Sue Wong, Katherine Brandes, Creative Director of BB Dakota, fashion author and Apparel News journalist, Allison Nieder, vintage expert Doris Raymond, and WGSN’s West Coast Content Director Sally Lohan discussed at the 110 Years of Fashion History: How Vintage Inspires 21st Century Trends discussion panel which took place at the California Market Center. My heart skipped a beat when i received the invitation!

What is vintage?

Each panelist answered the age old question “What is vintage?” Doris had the most precise definition. She felt that anything older than the late 1980s is vintage in her book. You can watch what she says about the 1990s coming into the vintage marketplace in the video interview I did with her. Sally Lohan added that her definition of vintage also includes quality and craftsmanship. Sue Wong feels that vintage has to have a “lot of soul”.

When asked about some of their favorite eras Sue Wong shared her fascination with the elements of the 1920s and ’30s. Katherine preferred the cinched waists of the 1940s and ’50s. Doris Raymond prefers the 1930s like Wong, but was able to narrow it down to 1929-1932. She loves the bias cuts of Vionnet. Sally loves Paul Poiret and Fortuny.

CMC WGSN 110 Years of Fashion
Doris Raymond and me in vintage

Vintage As Inspiration

The panelists agreed that fashion pre-1960s was the easiest to interpret in contemporary fashion. Sue Wong prefers to look at individual details and silhouettes when looking for inspiration for her designs.

Leave it to me to ask the question that made Sue Wong and Doris Raymond engage in an intelligent debate. I wasn’t fishing for a debate, but was genuinely curious what designers vs. vintage professionals thought on the subject – when does inspiration cease being

inspiration and becomes a copy?

The example I had in mind was that beaded antique bag I knew had been sold by a vintage dealer I know to Anna Sui and ended up on the runway in the exact same colors and exact same pattern.

The discussion really surprised me. Sally Lohan quickly jumped on the question and her reaction was complete disapproval. Sue Wong agreed. Doris actually had a different opinion. She felt that giving a a vintage garment life again, even if it is in its original design is ok. Otherwise it would never have been appreciated again. The conversation got pretty lively as far as panels go.

Vintage Trends

Some of the vintage influenced trends identified for upcoming seasons are romantic floral prints, boudoir and lingerie, classic seasonless items. Sue Wong predicts vintage looks from the teens to 1920s for a more avant garde look. Doris believes people will shop for investments versus trendy items.


There seems to be two types of consumers when it comes to true vintage. The general public and designers. The general public is buying contemporary vintage inspired as well as vintage. Tips were offered on how to look for quality vintage – turn the garment inside out, check seams, feel the fabric. Sue Wong warned about fraudulent sellers trying to tap into the vintage market by selling new items, taking the tags out and claiming they are vintage dresses. She found one of her own beaded, flapper inspired dresses on Ebay being sold as a 1920s dress!

CMC WGSN 110 Years of FashionCynthia Dipierro, WGSN, Sally Lohan, Doris Raymond, Liz Moore, Los Angeles Confidential magazine

The panel discussion was followed by a lovely reception in a very Schiaparelli pink carpeted room. it was great to be in a room full of people who embrace vintage and contemporary fashion with both arms. And now with the collaboration between WGSN and Doris Raymond to create a specialized vintage directory, it seems what’s old is new again and it will continue to make it’s way to the runway.

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Fashion | LAFW 2 Point Oh! Blogger Meet Up

I know, I know, a lot of people think LA Fashion Week is not nearly as important as NYFW, but I have to say that this is the first season that I have really had a great time and was able to attend some amazing events. it makes me hopeful for fashion week in the City of Angels. Downtown LA is experiencing an renaissance, and with it, LA fashion is gaining more attention and credibility. The best part is that LA area bloggers are part of this fashion renaissance.

Kelsi Smith of Dedicated Follower of Fashion and Stylesmith organized a fun blogger meet up and party at the Broadway Bar downtown. Nearly fifty fashion bloggers, most from LA, but some visiting from Texas, NYC, you name it, attended the soiree. And I have to say that the swag bag has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. Angel eyewear, Spare Pear ballet slippers, some beauty products XCVI tees in a really nice zippered XCVI bag. Getting 50 X-large bags into my hatchback coupe was hysterical.

lafw 2.0

Everyone at the party was so nice. I was so thrilled to meet some bloggers that I have been following such as Racked LA, LaurieB, Red Sole Diary, Mondette, and Macala of Fashionably Marketing. I also got to meet some new people such as LA Fuzz.


The Broadway Bar was a really beautiful bar complete with plush decor. It had that classic, downtown theater district feel. The cocktails had just the right amount of stiffness, probably because we brought all the pretty girls!

All in all, it was a fabulous event. Rumors are stirring about a mid season get-together and another party next season. I’m crossing my fingers!

What I Wore:
1960s black and white paillette shell
skinny black trousers
Steve Madden patent leather shooties
black Bakelite and Lucite bangles
1960s giant clear Lucite ring

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