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pink roses

from my garden

Gala Darling was transformed into Elizabeth Taylor! Check out her video.

My friend Rebecca and I went to Viva Las Vegas #17 (a long hiatus for me) and we took a really cute picture with one of her customers who blogs at Like a Tree in the Desert. Rebecca own Desi Roo Clothing, a vintage clothing line using modern and vintage fabrics.

Janie Bryant talks about the costumes on the latest episode of Mad Men. Dirty hippies galore!

Buying vintage and couture as an investment

A lovely eclectic decor mix of her Victorian porch at Making it Lovely



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What I Am Loving


1. Jergens Face Cream

Just like vintage, when it comes to beauty the old stuff is always better than the new stuff. I rediscovered Jergens Face Cream, or as my Mexcian mom would call it, “la crema de las caritas”. Translation: the cream with the little faces. This stuff WORKS! I use it to remove all my makeup at night and my face is perfectly dewey and clean in the morning. My mom used it up until about 10 years ago and look at her now at 70!

mom1960s momnow

2. Galadarling’s New Design

The lovely Gala Darling has a brand new look and I am so in love with it! It makes sense that I would because Nubbytwiglet designed it. Shauna is an amazing designer that listens to what you want and transforms your jumbled mess in your head and creates something gorgeous. I am so impressed. As a side note, Shauna designed as well!

3. Planks

I have been working out. Not like crazy, but I learned to embrace my thick legs and large bum. So why not make them the very best they can be? Enter planks. Planks are known for their belly flattening power, but they also strengthen your quads. And your arms! I am all about the multitasking. Oh my goodness do I love this super workout. I started off with just 30 seconds but have now worked up to 60 seconds, 3 times. Now I am going to try one legged planks. I lasted 10 seconds. Ha!

4. Mid Century Lighting

I am obsessed with vintage or vintage inspired pendant lighting right now. I have to replace the tacky 1970s ceiling fans in my house. I fell in love with this mid century style chandelier at West Elm and there are a few Mid Century styles at Lowes too! I am trying to stay away from the very typical Mid Century sputnik look, so if you have any suggestions, let me know!


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Are You Lying? Why Do You Wear Vintage?


I came across a very funny blog post at The Gloss, a B5 Media network blog about fashion. The snarky post discusses the lies woman say about why the wear vintage. At the risk of totally pissing you off, check it out. It’s quite funny.

It’s unfortunate that Ms. Wright has had such an unpleasant experience with vintage and thinks all vintage is grandma clothes with arm pit stains. I wish she could see the stunning garments some of my favorite sellers such as Shrimpton Couture, Dorthea’s Closet. Violet Ville Vintage, Past Perfect Vintage and Couture Allure offer. No stains, minimal flaws, if any, and very wearable.

It makes me wonder where the heck the writer is shopping. Granted, if you have taken a look at Ebay, or even Etsy sometimes, in the past year and a half, the marketplace is filled with undesirable old clothing picked by untrained eyes. Quality vintage clothing is rare and is priced accordingly.

So to counter the 5 lies Ms Wright thinks we’re telling, here are my 5 reasons I wear vintage:

1. Yes, quality
You just don’t see the same kind of high quality patterns and fabric in modern day clothing! Oh, puce and red paisley velour isn’t around in Topshop? Try to figure out why.

Seriously? Who is wearing this? These sound awful in any decade. In terms of quality, I’m not sure Topshop counts as being a source of craftsmanship.
The construction and fabrics of vintage clothing were made so much better than today’s fast fashion. These garments have lasted 50 years. Can we say that about a top at Topshop?

2. Uniqueness
I do like looking a bit different. And yes I do have a personality. In fact, my confidence and personality make it easy for me to pull of vintage. If you worry about what people will think about you, or are worried about trends, vintage is not for you.

3. Silhouettes
I love the silhouettes of the mid-century. The 40s through the 60s are my favorite decades because they compliment my figure perfectly. When everything in the mall is a short baby doll dress, I would look like a 20 lb. sack of flour. No thanks! You can keep your trends.

4. Inspiring
Um, you know all those beautiful clothing that walk down the runway and then trickle down into the mass market shops like said Topshop? Where do you think designers get their inspiration? When John Galliano is shopping in The Way We Wore, you better believe vintage style will make an appearance in Dior’s Couture show. I can’t afford couture, but I sure can afford a $200 inspirational dress.

5. Resell value
When i buy a vintage dress, I look for value. i know that when I purchase a great piece and after I have tired of it (or grown out of it) I can resell it for probably what I purchased it for. Can you say the same thing for modern clothes? Not very many of them. The idea of disposable fashion and seeing all of the trash in thrifts forces me to shop less, but shop better. Vintage is a good investment if you want to resell.

What about you? Why do you wear vintage? Leave a comment!

photo: Bettie Paige Styled

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Links à la Mode : May 6 The Business and Beauty of Style

links a la mode

The Business and Beauty of Style

Edited by Debutante Clothing

This week, the links were especially thoughtful. With all of the buzz about fashion bloggers and how (or if) we make money, it was great to see some insightful posts about fashion and the almighty dollar. Grechen of Grechen Blogs discusses blogging for money, while Style On a String takes an in depth look at the dark side of logo chasing. But let’s not get too bogged down with the seriousness of fashion. Perhaps Simply Luxurious can convince you to indulge in the beauty of fashion with her collage of gorgeous, backless gowns. Or maybe you’re more interested in a catwalk down memory lane, via celluloid, with Old Fashion Love Story’s stills of unforgettable 70s costumes from the film Mahogany (costume designed by Miss Diana Ross!). After all, in the sarcastic words of Stanley Tucci in The Devil Wears Prada, “Yes, that is what this billion dollar business is all about. Inner beauty”. Enjoy!

Links à la Mode : May 6

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Be Karl Lagerfeld for Halloween

I found this great Halloween costume idea on one of my favorite blogs, What I Wore. Jessica is so creative when it comes to styling that I’m not surprised she was able to put this together. Of course, my non-fashiony friends would assume I am a hip George Washington.
karl lagerfeld halloween costume
photo source: What I Wore

October 27, 2009   2 Comments

Old School

Last week, I posted a link to my contribution to Style Sample magazine. The lovely Ashe asked me to contribute some style picks that remind me of school. Of course I was nostalgic about the whole thing. I tend to live in the past.

Several of you asked to see the article in its full length, so here you go!

old school

This round up was a real treat for me. My fondest memories of school were my most fashionable moments in Junior High. It was the 80s. I find it ironic and a bit unnerving that the 80s are back in full force. When you first realize you lived through an era that has made the full circle and is back in style, you can’t help but feel a bit old. However, I loved the 80s and am glad this fun decade is back.

Junior High

My very first pair of pumps were white pleather, 1″ kitten heels. I wore these with ankle socks in various neon colors. Yes, to Junior High. I was a fashion victim, er, plate in the making. My mom did not allow me to wear crucifixes by the handful, so this was my best homage to Madonna.

My leggings were not this cool. My floral leggings were pastel colored. I don’t recall exactly how I wore them, but I am positive some oversized sweater was involved. This was my attempt at a romantic Pretty in Pink/Molly Ringwald look. “Andi” started my infatuation with vintage clothing.

High School

90210 was the zip code du jour in high school. I begged my mom for blazers and Betsey Johnson floral dresses. My mom refused the blazers due to the fact that she didn’t want me to look old, she vetoed the Betsey Johnson florals due to the price tag, but she did let me have a few chokers! Thank goodness for a little clothing boutique called Judy’s, which was the equivalent of today’s Charolette Russe, because they carried the best Betsey Johnson knock-offs. I had owned a garden variety of babydoll and full-length floral poly-chiffon dresses.

My Senior year of high school, I discovered Rockabilly! I had always loved old movies and music. I was enamored with the beautiful women of the golden era of film. I never knew there was a whole world of people who lived this vintage lifestyle. I was hooked!


And just like fashion, school days come full circle because today, I am a teacher. When I am not scouring the earth for vintage treasure, or blogging about fashion, I teach middle school. But growing older doesn’t mean leaving style behind. When my finicky teen students compliment my outfits, I know I’ve still got it because despite what your parents told you, school IS a fashion show!

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Need a vintage inspired avatar? MadMen yourself!

My husband and I have a shared Google Calendar for important dates like birthdays, our anniversary, and the premiere of MadMen 8/16. Yes, yes, the costumes are to die for. But I’m not even going to bore you with that right now. I’m even more thrilled that AMC has come up with a clever little social media scheme that has Mad Men addicts hooked. Mad Men Yourself! You can put together a dapper or styish avatar ala 1960, complete with cigarette and martini accessories. It’s like a Mii, but cooler. You can even pick your scene – at the bar with Don Draper, at Sterling Cooper, being catty with the secretaries.


You can then save your MadMen creation for Twitter, Facebook, your iPhone and as desktop wallpaper. This has to be the best use of social media yet.

But before you race over there to create your MadMen character, I have to warn you that the body shapes aren’t very varied. You’re going to appear much curvier than real life. At least we can all look like Joan Holloway this time around!

Got to the AMC website to create your MadMen avatar! Post a link here and we’ll have a cocktail party.

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Vintage Roadshow – Swimsuits, Sex Kittens, and Bill Blass


It’s time for another Vintage Roadshow roundup – the best vintage talk on the web. Our little vintage blogger group is starting to grow! If you write about vintage clothing or living, come join us.

Debutante Clothing rings in the New Year in 1960s black and white paillettes.

The Vintage Travelermourns the end of Bill Blass.

Glamoursplash begins a series of posts on swimwear through the ages.

Here’s Looking Like You, Kid has lots of leopard print for sex kittens.

iKonic does her part for the economy with her new weekly feature Vintage Cheap But Chic.

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Handkerchiefs Are Like Reputations – Vogue 1922

vintage vogue magazine cover 1922


“Handkerchiefs and reputations are exceedingly easy to lose. Both are lost in about equal numbers daily. All the reputations lost are very good ones – and the more irretrievably lost they are, the better they were. The handkerchiefs lost should be better. Imagine a lady saying, ‘My reputation is gone, but I don’t care. It wasn’t any good’. Yet that is exactly the attitude she takes toward a lost handkerchief.'”

January 14, 2009   5 Comments

Silence is Golden – Lagerfeld’s Silent Coco Chanel Movie

Karl Lagerfeld has paid homage to Gabrielle Coco Chanel in this short silent film. Although it isn’t truly silent – you’ll hear sound effects – the film is beautifully made. I’m hoping Lagerfeld will create sequels because this seems to be incomplete. I would love to see the rest of Chanel’s life captured in modern black and white.

January 8, 2009   2 Comments

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