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13 Problems Only Real Vintage Lovers Will Understand

1950s dresses
Styleite published a blog post back in February about vintage problems. Although it was funny and a fun read, it did have some glaring errors (read #6). So here’s a seasoned vintage wearer and seller’s take on vintage problems…

1. Your torso is too long for 50s dresses
2. You hate wearing lycra foundational garments necessary to fit the wasp waist dresses
3. You have curves and a petticoat would make you look like a piƱata
4. You bought an 80s does 40s dress buy accident
5. Armpit stains (P.S. use Folex spray)
6. Having to stick your vintage wool in the freezer for 2 weeks to kill any bugs
7. Rubbing that plastic bangle vigorously at the thrift store and taking a whiff
8. There isn’t enough seam allowance to let the waist or hips out just one more inch
9. A hack job of a hemline
10. Devil dust! When the synthetic lining disintegrates and you have to figure out a way to get it all out
11. Nicotine smell
12. Deciding you DO want that dress and it’s gone when you go back
13. Your family and friends always asking, “Why do you like that dead old lady stuff?”

June 3, 2015   6 Comments

Honors – Debutante Clothing Named Top 100 Blog by Women

jessica stam

The past few weeks have been amazing. It’s time like these that make me feel proud to keep plugging away on my little old blog. I’m feeling like I’m on top of the world right now.

Two weeks ago, Debutante Clothing was chosen as the Spotlight Blogger on Independent Fashion Blogger! I feel so honored to be mentioned by such a fantastic group of bloggers. Thank you to everyone who suggested my blog.

Blogger Spotlight

Debutante Clothing

This week’s Blogger Spotlight goes to Sandra of Debutante Clothing! Debutante Clothing is a fantastic resource for vintage lovers, by giving history of labels and trends, how to buy vintage clothing (that fits) online. As well as conducting interviews with other vintage sellers. She’s also really active in the vintage community and a person to connect with as she’s always been so lovely.
Nominated by: Fete a Fete, Mademoiselle Robot, and Dramatis Personae

In other news, Debutante Clothing was also chosen as one of the 100 Must Read Blogs…By Women!  Check #52.

I feel so honored to be included on a list with some really wonderful bloggers. I don’t know all of them, but you better believe I’ll be busy checking them out.

Since people are actually reading my vintage clothing babble, I guess I’ll keep plugging away.

photo: by Shachenta

February 10, 2009   6 Comments

Handkerchiefs Are Like Reputations – Vogue 1922

vintage vogue magazine cover 1922


“Handkerchiefs and reputations are exceedingly easy to lose. Both are lost in about equal numbers daily. All the reputations lost are very good ones – and the more irretrievably lost they are, the better they were. The handkerchiefs lost should be better. Imagine a lady saying, ‘My reputation is gone, but I don’t care. It wasn’t any good’. Yet that is exactly the attitude she takes toward a lost handkerchief.'”

January 14, 2009   5 Comments

New Years Eve – What I Wore

I rarely take pictures of myself for the blog. I absolutely love looking at pictures of some of my favorite bloggers such as Galadarling, Jennine of theCoveted, and Wendy Brandes, but I have an aversion to taking pictures of myself. I rarely photograph well anyway, so to try to look cute on purpose is tough.

However, for NYE, I will make an exception, mostly because I am dying to show off my new vintage sweater shell top. It’s covered in black and off white paillettes, the more sophisticated and iridescent cousin of the sequin. When I saw this shell online, I had an audible reaction. That’s always a good sign for me. So I bought it without thinking about where I would even wear this.

vintage black white sequin paillette top

vintage black white sequin paillette top

vintage black white sequin paillettes

I honestly didn’t care if I had an occasion because I loved it so much. it made perfect sense to wear it on New Years Eve because, seriously, when else could I pull this off? A trip to Vegas maybe.

I have a very fond memory of a gown my mom used to own. I remember sneaking into er closet and picking off the clear paillettes, bending them and attaching them to my nails with her Lee Press On glue because they reminded me of fake finger nails. When my mother saw my top, she remembered the dress and claimed she still owned it. She might discover a few bald spots on the bodice!

I am so in love with the color combination, the smooth almost scale like feel of the paillettes, and the fun almost jingly sound they make. I didn’t go anywhere fancy though so I toned it down with jeans and a light weight, long cardigan. My outfit would’ve been perfect with a tight pair of slim jeans. Consider those next on my shopping list.

January 2, 2009   13 Comments

Frugalista, recessionista, passeista?

Christian LouboutinMonica Corcoran of the LA Times has written a witty article on the latest fashion related word added to the lexicon of style. For the past few months, blogs and blog posts have been springing up all with one theme in common – style during hard times. I have never felt more compelled to blog about something than I do now.
Ladies! Shouldn’t you be frugal with your money at all times? Shouldn’t you forgo paying exorbitant amounts of money on the latest “it” bag while panicking about how to pay your rent? The truth is that we have become such a must have, credit dependent society that we make irresponsible choices when it comes to money. Now, if you have the dough to buy the latest stam-2.55-spy bag, cash, and still pay your rent, more power to you! I admire and envy you. You probably work your ass off for that dough – you deserve it.
off saks fifthBut for me, and women like me, who have style, but do it by mixing vintage and discount finds, mix high and low fashion, and would prefer to spend a couple Ks on a trip to some far off land, we’ve been living frugal forever. There’s a recession on? We hadn’t noticed. We were blinded by our past season Vivienne Westwood sunglasses we got at Off Saks 5th Avenue.
It’s great that, just like living green, there is a nationwide trend towards living frugally. But how long will this last? Until prices of homes come back up and we are back to buying things we can’t afford and then complaining that the economy sucks. We need the Al Gore of fashion to champion frugal living – Kathryn?
It bugs me that being financially savvy requires economic upheaval. I’m not saying don’t buy beautiful, expensive items. But choose wisely. Spend money on items that bring you joy and don’t interrupt important things in life. Invest in pieces that will last forever and transcend trends. More importantly, live a stylish life within your means.
Now, I’m off to snipe some unassuming, unaware recessionista on Ebay!

December 18, 2008   3 Comments

5 Reasons We Loved Bettie Page

Bettiepage2.jpg bettie_cheetahs.jpg

Bettie_Page_3.jpg 11909whip2.jpg

On Thursday, December 11, one of the most revered images of the 1950s passed. Bettie Page is probably one of the most recognizable images, besides Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, and to be honest, I always like Bettie Page more than Marilyn Monroe. Bettie had such an irreverent, innocent nature, that her cheesecake and S&M pictures could never take away the sweetness that exuded from this leather clad, girl next door. It’s this very dichotomy – sweet and seductive, innocent and naughty – that makes her such a beloved icon amongst men and women. We all wish, and so do our male counterparts, we could embody the good girl in public-bad girl behind closed doors (or on film) persona.

1. Her look
Any rockabilly girl worth her salt has had the Bettie Bangs at some point. We grow them out, but we always come right back. A raven colored haircut fit for a young girl, meets red lips, and a pretty smile — it’s part of the retro uniform.

2. Her humbleness
After being institutionalized at Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino, she could not believe how popular she had become. She couldn’t understand how modeling 10 years prior could have made her so famous. She had no idea.

3. Her figure
Bettie Page was curvy, soft, natural. The way women should be. [Editor’s Note: I meant not overly skinny. Women look good with some healthy meat on their bones!]

4. Her costumes
No one wore cheetah prints the way Ms. Page did. She had fun acting and dressing the part in a sensual but tasteful way. She was a jungle girl, a dominatrix, and a beach babe all rolled into one.

5. Her ability to leave it all behind
After being sexually abused, mistreated, divorced, and being committed, she dedicated her life to her faith. She left all the glitz and glamor behind for what she felt would be a better life.


You will be missed Bettie

December 17, 2008   5 Comments

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda Vintage Dior

I don’t know what’s gotten into me. The older I get, the longer I have been in the vintage game, the more gun shy, or maybe even apathetic I have become when it comes to bidding on Ebay. Maybe it’s the economy – maybe I am feeling a twinge of guilt for wanting to buy designer luxury items that I don’t necessarily need, I just want.
cathay.jpgI have had vintage Dior travel bag on my Ebay watch list for months. I suddenly became obsessed with finding a Dior logo travel bag, but not a duffel style. I want a real, honest to goodness travel bag pre-1980. I have this style fantasy of the perfect travel outfit. It consists of comfortable casual pants or lightweight slack style denim, funky vintage oxfords, a cashmere cardi in a great print, like leopard, a tissue thin 3/4 length sleeve top, and a sophisticated designer carry on bag.
I have had two failed attempts on Ebay. The first, I was totally outbid at $300 – I know it’s Dior, but I still want it reasonably priced.
My last attempt, and the reason I feel like I am losing my touch or hunger, was for a perfect brown and white canvas Dior carry on. It was probably from the early ’70s. I won! But, I didn’t meet the reserve. I hate reserves. Unless they are mine.
I emailed the seller to find out what the reserve was. It was about $50 dollars more than I wanted to spend. Apparently, she emailed me back and told me she would let it go for my asking price. But I never saw the response, Does anyone else hate Ebay’s notification system?
The seller relisted so I bid. This time, it sold for $100 more than what she was willing to sell it to me for. Sigh. Am I being too cheap? Or do I not care enough?
So now of course the regret has set in. Someone please slap me the next time I don’t just indulge and buy myself something nice.

December 12, 2008   7 Comments

Locher’s Naughty Christmas List


The tarts over at Locher’s want to know how naughty or nice (but preferably naughty) you’ve been this year. Since it is the season for giving, and sweet tidings and all those things, NICOLE LOCHER has decided to get into the holiday spirit and give 10 LUCKY WINNERS something for FREE from the Locher’s store.

Here is how you can get the chance to get your grubby little mitts on something sweet.

Instead of writing Santa about how good you were this year, Nicole wants to know just how bad you were. The top ten letters of all the naughty secrets and slutty things you did over the past year will be rewarded with ANY one item of your choice from the store for FREE with free shipping.

Don’t worry, your emails are just for Nicole to read in private – no one will ever know. You can write in English, French or German, and the juicier, the better. True stories only – Nicole will smell bullshit and it won’t be considered.

Email your story until DECEMBER 14th to Tell them Debutante Clothing sent ya. Best of luck!

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Vintage Roadshow – Couture Contortionists and Chic Attendants

Couture Allure brings you 12 looks from one vintage evening gown.
Debutante Clothing shares Edith Head’s advice on how to dress to meet and keep a man.
Glamoursplash takes a flashback to fashion in the air during the 60’s & 70’s.
The Vintage Traveler asks the question:is walking in a vintage wonderland with the Etsy Vintage Street Team.
iKonic is walking in a vintage wonderland with the Etsy Vintage Street Team.
Are you a vintage fashion blogger? Share your vintage blog posts with us – Join the Vintage Roadshow!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Wishing you a thankful holiday! Here are 5 things I am thankful for:
1. my loving husband who supports me in my online habits
2. my caring and creative friends
3. the funny feeling I get when I think I will find a great vintage treasure
4. the internet
5. readers who like reading my vintage ramblings
What are you thankful for?

November 27, 2008   2 Comments

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