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Vintage Style | 1950s Glamour Meets Modern Edge

I LOVE this entire look. A very chic 1950s flair with just the right amount of modern edge. Let’s start from the top shall we?
The cap – can’t tell if this is a knit cap or a beret. But I love it. Classic in the vintage sense, but whimsical and nostalgic by modern standards.
The clutch – nice and large to carry all my modern day junk, but a perfect leopard print.

But the watch has to be my fave piece in this whole outfit. I absolutely love clear Lucite and resin accessories, to wear and for home. I have a ton of crystal clear plastic baubles and bangles, but never a watch. I quickly went on the hunt for a cute watch just like this. I ended up buying an Anne Klein version with a white face and rhinestones on the bezel. I looked at some more expensive watches from Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors, but ironically this $55 beauty stole my heart. I have received so many compliments too! It’s classy and quirky and I love it.


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Please Vote for Debutante Clothing!


The annual Lulu’s Vintage People’s Choice Top 10 Vintage Clothing Website Awards is ending today! Anne of Lulu’s Vintage is an amazing gal with a fab vintage blog and store. Every year she asks for your vote for your favorite vintage website. I am so honored and flattered to be one of the many amazing sites nominated. I would love it if you could stop by and vote, if you haven’t already. I’ll love you forever! If you have, let me know!!

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Vintage Style | Lucite Heels


Racked LA recently wrote a blog post about Lucite heels “that won’t make you look like a pole dancer”. Lucite or resin heels were huge in the 1950s, especially mules, or Springolators. And the ladies who wore them were no dames of ill repute. Rhinestones and feminine etchings decorate the crystal clear heels.

I love Lucite heels because they’re like walking on jewelry. When you think about your shoes and how they look when you cross your legs, most people think of the vamp, but what about the heel? They deserve attention too.

I remember seeing Marilyn Monroe wear a killer pair of Lucite heels during the modeling scene in How to Marry a Milionaire. I think I read somewhere that she loved to wear the clear wedges because she was so petite. As a shortie with feet that can’t take much in terms of stilettos, I love this solution. A solid platform with very little visual footprint! Instant optical illusion of height!

There are plenty of amazing vintage Lucite heels on Ebay right now. Whether you are looking for Lucite with some bling, or simply a boost in your height, vintage will ensure you are not offered single dollar bills to do the splits.

green lucite heels – Ebay

Marilyn Monroe image via Champagne and Chips

disclaimer – I am an Ebay affiliate.

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Debutante Clothing Needs Your Vote!


The annual Lulu’s Vintage People’s Choice Top 10 Vintage Clothing Website Awards is here! Anne of Lulu’s Vintage is an amazing gal with a fab vintage blog and store. Every year she asks for your vote for your favorite vintage website. I am so honored and flattered to be one of the many amazing sites nominated. I would love it if you could stop by and vote. I’ll love you forever!

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Vintage Style | Kate Middleton Channels Princess Grace in Alexander McQueen


As soon as I woke up this morning, I checked my Twitter feed to see what Kate finally chose. A shout of glee that it was Alexander McQueen. I have to be honest and was hoping she would have chosen something a bit more edgy considering it is McQueen, but in true princess form and a total champion for the classic, her lace covered bodice dress was spectacular. I immediately thought how much she reminded me of Grace Kelly on her wedding day.

I know there are so many tragedies going on in the world, but a prince and a duchess on their wedding day, in McQueen, is the perfect escape.

Blessings to the bride and groom.

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Vintage Inspiration | Bohemian Raquel Welch


If someone could guarantee that I would look like THIS in 70s boho style clothing, I’d be all over it.

via My Daily Magazine About Everything

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Vintage Sale | Zuburbia Vintage Luxury Bag Pop Up Sale is known for their amazing daily vintage finds with their Vintage Pick of the Day and their weekly Ebay Roundup featured on Well the vintage archives have been opened at Zuburbia and a collection of amazing luxury vintage handbags are for sale at Ann’s Fabulous Finds.

The sale features vintage Gucci, Carlos Falchi, and Judith Leiber paired up with their contemporary version. Check them out now before they’re gone!

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Luxury Legwear from Italy at Coccolare Boutique

vintage hot pink shoes / Sandra Mendoz-Daly
photo by Sandra Mendoza-Daly

I love Italy. I love Italian design. So when Coccolare Boutique contacted me about reviewing their luxury leg wear from Italy, I was thrilled. I chose three types of legwear: a basic black tight, a very on trend crochet lace pattern, and a super sexy back seam.

I know you might be thinking what’s wrong with Target tights. They’re cheap. Well you know the adage you get what you pay for? Yeah, it applies to leg wear too. As soon as I put on the blacker than black Cortina opaque tights, you could tell these were not going to snag upon sight. They are so opaque and so velvety soft. They were the perfect hosiery to make my sparkly vintage kitten heels pop. I wore them to the Two Point Oh LA Fashion Week pre-party and made Marie Denee, the Curvy Fashionista feel my legs. “Ooh soft!”

The Joriki back seamed nylons were equally as soft and a very similar strength without being tight, binding or heavy. The problem with back seamed hosiery is trying to keep the seams straight. When you have short, think legs like mine, the seams tend to curve and move around so you need a seam watchdog (aka best friend) to tell you when your seams have gone awry. Well I was thrilled to see that these seams stayed put! And I know it wasn’t a size issue as I received the equivalent size of what I normally by at Target. I swear I think it’s the quality of construction.

I haven’t had a chance to wear the lace crochet sweater tights, but I can tell you that just trying them on they feel soft and warm without heaviness. The perfect lacy tight.

You can find Coccolare Boutique at their online shop and on Facebook. Seriously, invest in some quality hosiery. Coccolare has proven to me that just like luxury bags, you get what you pay for when it comes to legwear.

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We Are With You Japan


Thoughts and prayers to the citizens of Japan.


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Vintage Icon | CASH


The music legend and humanitarian, Johnny Cash, would’ve been 79 on February 26. Happy birthday to a man who crossed genres and touched hearts.

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