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Vintage Finds | 1970s Pheasant Feather Convertible Clutch

pheasant feather vintage bag

I acquired this chic little convertible clutch this past weekend. It’s probably destined for the A Current Affair show in April. I wasn’t sure about the clear plastic cover at first. it reminded me of a plastic covered sofa. But thinking about the delicate feathers, I’m glad it’s there. The leather handle has a gorgeous patina and slides down and clicks into place when you want to use the clutch as a shoulder bag. Neat!

pheasant feather vintage bag

January 27, 2011   3 Comments

Vintage Find | Mad for Sexy Swimwear – 1960s Jantzen Bikini

60s jantzen two piece swimsuit bikini

Last night’s premiere of Mad Men blew my mind! Design wise, we see small examples of mid 1960s treats such as glossy white mod lamps, bright red-orange Eames for Herman Miller like office chairs. I’ll be covering the fashion in another post. Don’t worry.

But there was one scene with a little piece of fashion history, and I do mean little, that really made everyone in my living room jump out of their seats. The creative meeting with the Jantzen people. When Don Draper showed his ad campaign idea – a young beauty looking very much like Sally Field, wearing a bikini bottom and a suggestive banner with an equally suggestive slogan across the top – and then threw the suits out! Brilliance. Sex sells, and no one knows that more than Don Draper.

I found this little 1960s Jantzen two piece, NOT bikini because that is dirty, on Ebay and I had to share.

1960s Jantzen bikini

$249.99 OBO

disclosure: I am an Ebay Affiliate member.

July 26, 2010   No Comments

Vintage Find | 1950s Nettie Rosenstein Leopard Needlepoint Bag

Leopard is the one print I can think of that can go either very tacky or very chic. The wrong hair, make up and styling can leave you look a bit Peggy Bundy. But then there is John Galliano’s vision of what a chic, globe trotting woman would wear. Dior’s Cruise 2010 is heavily inspired by the 1950s and 1960s with leopard prints, impeccable suits, and lady-like accessories such as multi-strand necklaces fur stoles, and structured bags bring you from the brink of tacky to the world of cruising.

This little bag has all of the necessary details to pull of this look, with a little twist. Since leopard is illegal to sell, faux leopard is the fur of choice on Ebay. But why go faux when you can go needlepoint? Nettie Rosenstein was a master of beautiful needlepoint bags. Usually done in floral patterns, this bag is a rare find. I love that the needlepoint looks almost like a pixelated pattern. Perfect for the online vintage shopper!

available on Ebay

May 3, 2010   1 Comment

Vintage Find | Vintage 1940s Colorful Peep Toe Platforms

1940s platform shoes

Dear Mr. Blahnik,

Late last year, you made your sentiments known about the platform. How could you say such a thing? Perhaps you haven’t had the pleasure of gazing upon a little bundle of happiness perched atop a one inch lift. Striped with colors that remind us of summer outings. Punctuated with a whimsical bow as if introducing you to red polished toes. I’m sure these delightful 1940s platforms can change your mind, just a bit no?

available from Memphis Vintage on

$275 or make an offer!

April 12, 2010   6 Comments

Vintage Find of the Week | 1960s Sweet As A Daisy Dress

1960s vintage daisy dress

Nothing says Spring like vintage floral prints. This season, every floral print under the sun seems to be on trend. For a fun, youthful twist, daisies are a wonderful alternative to predictable exotic flowers and roses. We usually associate daisies with 1960s juniors, but dotting a darker color, such as the dark gray, they add a touch of youth to a perfectly contemporary color and silhouette. Add a pair of red strappy sandals and go twirl in the sunshine.

available on
ends 4/9

April 5, 2010   No Comments

Vintage Find | 1960s Reversible Spring Coat

vintage 1960s reversible cape

As much as I am enjoying the 74 degree weather in Southern California right now, I know spring rains are coming. This year, I have promised myself I would cover up in style rather than resort to an unfashionable black and tan raincoat. Of course Violetville Vintage would have the perfect vintage solution!

This dark blue and light blue reversible cape is perfect for warm, rainy days where you don’t want to be completely covered up, but just enough to keep your pretty floral dress dry. The contrasting shades are blue a nice change from basic black.

from Violetville Vintage/Ebay
ends April 7

March 29, 2010   2 Comments

Vintage Find: 60s PIERRE CARDIN Silk Scarf Dress

In my search for easy to style dresses that would go with my new killer Faryl Robin boots, I came across this little piece of silken art at Violetville Vintage. It’s not what I typically picture when I think of 60s Pierre Cardin, but I love it just the same. Now I need a pair of camel colored boots to match too!

vintage pierre cardin 1960s

Where: Violetville Vintage on
How Much: $684

January 11, 2010   No Comments

Vintage Find – Reworked Vintage Chain Necklace

I love this drapey chain necklace. The little clovers remind me of Van Cleef & Arpels, but a miniscule price. I could see wearing this with a V-neck wispy thin Tshirt or with a snug knit top to work. Classy and edgy.

paleodeux vintage chain necklace

Available at paleodeux/

December 23, 2009   No Comments

Vintage Inspired – J. Peterman 1930s lace dress

Once in a while, i run into a friend or acquaintance that has no idea that the company Elaine from Seinfeld worked for really exists. J. Peterman is a real catalog, a real company, and yes, the copy is as witty as Elaine. And if you are a fan of vintage style, you’ll love the clothing.

Men and women alike can find reproduction, vintage style fashion in every J. Peterman catalog. When I say reproduction, I don’t mean cheap knock offs with modernized details. I mean that the only way you would be able to tell these garments are knew is if you inspected them for signs of age. These garments are so fantastically reproduced due to the fact that the little fashion elves at J. Peterman actually buy vintage garments in order to recreate them in large quantities.

Normally, I’m a bit miffed by such practices coming from fashion designers. But I think that I can appreciate it coming from J. Peterman because at least the company is honest about it. They don’t try to take the credit for something that was created 70 years prior. Or maybe it is more palatable coming from the silver tongue that is J. Peterman…

j peterman black lace dressShe was part black.

She was part Irish.

They called her Bricktop, because of her flaming red hair.

And Ada Smith’s “Bricktops” on Place Pigalle in Montmartre was the place to go.

“Bricktop” said she judged the success of a night by the number of kings in the house.

One night she had five kings and the Prince of Wales.

But Cole Porter was the only one who had a special table reserved for him.

Even when he wasn’t there.

The in crowd came to hear her sing, and they came to be seen.

And if you had a dress like this, you were there too.

A little risqué just like the place you were in.

When Bricktop sang “Embraceable You,” John Steinbeck told her, “You take 20 years off a man’s life.”

Same thing can be said for this confection of sheer magic.

1930’s Vintage Black Lace Dress (No. 2584). Two layers of lace work their allure. Black lace over nude lace so you won’t get arrested. Just enough shows through. Scoop neckline. V shape back. Lower-calf length. Hidden center back zipper with hook and eye. All the elegance of old lace with the easy to maneuver advantage of modern fabric. Imported.

“There’s a party…where?”

Women’s sizes: 2 through 18.

Color: Black lace over nude lace.

September 16, 2009   10 Comments

Vintage Find – 1930’s Vintage Schiaparelli Brooch

If fashion designers were rock stars, the biggest punk girl would be Elsa Schiaparelli. Most noted for her signature “shocking pink”, Schiaparelli’s designs in the 20s and 30s flew in the face of fashion convention. This is the woman who dared to place zippers on couture. This is the artist who designed a dress to feature a skeletal back. This is the artist who collaborated with an artist of a different medium – Salvador Dali. Schiaparelli elevated fashion to art. Surrealist art. One of her fun icons was the lobster. She created a stunning gown with a giant red lobster on the skirt.

lobster dress schiaparelli

While this week’s Vintage Find is not signed, this sparkly red lobster is attributed to Elsa Schiaparelli. It has appeared in the book Miller’s Costume Jewelry by Stephen Miners, but some will argue that without a signature or provenance, you have no idea if it truly is a Schiaparelli piece. I think this little lobster is so fabulous, and so Elsa, that it might not matter either way.

schiaparelli lobster brooch

available at Rubylane/Sharon’s Sparkles, $225

August 3, 2009   7 Comments

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