Lessons from Edith Head – How to Dress to Get A Man & Keep Him

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Last week I shared a summary of the delightful yet ironically relevant How to Dress For Success book by the insanely talented costume designer, the late Edith Head.

This week, Ms. Head gives us a sure fire game plan on how to nab a guy, and even harder, how to keep him. In 1967, you couldn’t stop for a Botox quickie at lunch time. You had to rely on Lycra and good styling tips to show off your god given assets in the best light possible.

But Edith doesn’t want you to just run off and get married to the first bozo that comes your way. Rather, she treats the ritual of finding a guy like a hunt…

“If you don’t know the man, or haven’t met him, do what a hunter does. Go where the game is!”

And were is the game? Airports, train stations, hotel lobbies, anywhere you enjoy a hobby.

She also addresses the wallflower in us all – the girl that doesn’t think she is attractive enough to find a suitor. Her secret? Be interesting. Be interesting to look at.

“Frequently at parties and premieres attended by Hollywood stars, visitors are shocked when they see the wives of our handsomest film stars.  These men who work constantly with women who are the epitome of glamor, very often marry women who are quite ordinary to look at.  The unknowing are inclined to ask “How on earth did she ever get him?”  I can tell you because I know. She interested him more than any other woman.”

She talks about several types of men, and how to dress for them. The Sportsman, the Man About Town, the Intellectual, and the Successful Executive (Don Draper) all have an ideal perfect woman. Edith gives you accessorizing tips for last minute dates with these fascinating me.

Above all, she pleads us women to be a covered girl, and not a Cover Girl because in this society of “topless bathing suits”, and man invariably marries the less exhibitionist woman. Man is a jealous creature by nature you know?

Success Formula for Getting and Keeping a Husband:

1. Decide want kind of man you want.

2. Find out what kind of girls he likes.

3. Know what kind of fashions pleases him.

4. Don’t masquerade in clothes you hate just to attract a man. Be sure you are really, deep down in side, this kind of girl.  If not, find another man!

5. Learn all you can about him – his hobbies, his interests, his likes, his dislikes.

6. Be interested in his interests.

7. Choose your wardrobe to please him and suit his way of life.

8. After you get him, stay the way you were and don’t relax into a post-marriage slump of careless marriage.

9. Look reasonably enticing in the morning – better at night.

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1 jennine { 11.25.08 at 9:20 am }

ah… i think the best part was deciding what kind of man you want. i made a list… and oddly enough, i found a man who was everything on the list.
also, the part about being interested in him very important… what’s even more important is remembering what you want, and i hope that’s a man who’s interested in you.

2 Sandra { 11.25.08 at 5:33 pm }

So true Jennine. I had a list too, but my list had nothing but bad boy descriptors. It took one good boy to open my eyes.

3 Debutante Clothing :: The Deblog { 12.03.08 at 12:02 am }

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Couture Allure brings you 12 looks from one vintage evening gown. Debutante Clothing shares Edith Head’s advice on how to dress to meet and keep a man. Glamoursplash takes a flashback to fashion in the air during the 60’s…

4 Market Publique { 12.07.08 at 2:02 pm }

Oh I love Edith Head. She is just the best. I read The Dress Doctor and she has hilarious “Prescriptions for Dressing” including one of what to wear to the circus
(Sport suit, sport dres, day dress, dress + jacket. Or skirt with blouse or sweater. Comfortable street shoes. Hat and gloves optional. At night add jacket or coat)!
Seems she’s just as specific on how to get a husband! Hilarious.

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