On the Hunt For A Jewelry Armoire

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Help! I moved into my new house five months ago yet my vintage jewelry and accessories are still in boxes on my bedroom floor. Not exactly a domain for inspiration or relaxation. I used to have a Heywood-Wakefield vanity, but that is going to be sold and waiting patiently in the garage. I actually don’t really want another vintage vanity. As pretty as they are, they never seem to have enough storage space for my massive collection of vintage jewelry.

I have been looking for a more practical jewelry armoire. The problem is they didn’t really exist in the mid century. At least  I can’t seem to find any. With the exception of this one…


George Nelson rosewood and painted metal miniature six-drawer jewelry chest on stand. Image courtesy of Bonhams.com. via CollectorsWeekly.com

And best of luck to anyone trying to find a George Nelson jewelry armoire. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Hm. Maybe I can hack one!

So I was ready to settle for this modern armoire with a definite mid century look.

The walnut stain is perfect with my current bedroom furniture. But the universe is against me right now. This style is sold out! An espresso color version is available, but it’s way too dark. I am back to square one. So I am asking for help!

Does anyone know of any mid century, retro, vintage inspired, not ugly jewelry armoires to control my chaotic jewelry collection? Leave a comment!



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1 Kristine { 10.18.14 at 7:49 pm }

I am looking for the same option, hence stumbling upon your article.
I’ve been looking and looking 7 months into my new home — all mid century modern styled furniture, oak, crisp white accents….
And an extensive jewelery collection without a suitable home, I too sold my previous armoire—- I am now thinking about a mirror option for all my necklaces, and converting a low multi drawer dresser, inserts into the drawers?
Have you had any luck in your search.
I am in Vancouver Canada.
Be. Well, thanks !

2 Sandra { 10.27.14 at 10:05 pm }

Your conversion sounds lovely! I did end up getting the armoire featured above when they came back in stock. Not the best construction but the style works perfectly! Good luck with you project.

3 Bava { 11.29.16 at 11:42 am }

Where did you get the armoire from? Directly Hayneedle? I’d like the same and on-line seem to have only espresso color. Thanks!

4 Sandra { 02.21.17 at 11:38 am }

Hi yes directly from Hayneedle.

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