Roland Mouret Style Secrets

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The Moon dress by the modern master of va va voom dresses, Roland Mouret, has finally arrived at Bergdorf’s with half of the coveted frock already spoken for.

roland mouret moon dress

First it was the Galaxy dress and now the Moon dress. These beautiful dresses instantly give your body a look that only tens of thousands of dollars, some liposuction and rib removal could do. An instant hour glass shape.
But it’s not in the fabric. There is no spandex sucking you in. It’s all in the little known details that the original wiggle dress of the 50s and 60s featured that creates the illusion of a heavenly body.
The trick is to bring the eye to the parts that matter the most. The bust, the waist and the hips.
The Galaxy dress had the portrait neckline. The Moon dress has the faux shrug bodice treatment that darts and ends right at the center of the bust. Can’t get more direct than that. That’s a straight line to the girls.
The waist features a faux belt or stitching to define the waistline. The Moon dress features a diamond shaped panel on the waist. It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t go all the way around. As long as there is some sort of demarcation of the waistline. Even a thin strip of piping can give this illusion.
Some stylists will tell you to a any fussiness around the hips at all times. Like you can really hide the fact that you have hips! To create balance with the bust, you will need some sort of detail at the hip-flap, faux pockets, draping.
Whether you go with a clingy fabric or a very structured, lined skirt, the boobs and the hips are what will create this illusion of curves in all the right places. Embrace them.
vintage beaded wiggle dress

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