Vintage Inspired Fashion Week Looks

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As Fashion Week starts to wind down (I know we have an entire month of fashion events here in LA) what really excited me were the looks seen off the runway. I can’t think of a better opportunity to dress up and over the top than a fashion show. I especially loved how much vintage style¬† was caught on camera at the Milan and Paris shows. Here are a few of my favorite looks from Vogue Italia’s website.

I think I have a natural affinity for French and Italian style. No offense to my NY, London and LA friends and fellow bloggers. Something about the aloofness and femininity of French style and the in your face sexiness of Italian style really speaks to my often contradicting taste. All these women look perfectly put together, even the ones bordering on costume. I’m really digging bustles right now too.

Who do you think has the best Fashion Week style? LA, NY, London, Milan, Paris? Leave a comment!

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1 Lydia @ The Vintage Mama { 10.10.11 at 2:23 pm }

I know what you mean girl…I love how un-put together/put together those Euro ladies are. Wish I could pull it off, but I just look messy. =/

2 Sandra { 10.10.11 at 2:50 pm }

Me too! I think it’s the attitude that does it.

3 Miss Meadows { 10.12.11 at 5:22 am }

I have to vote for Ulyana Sergeenko! I love her style. How she blends high fashion with her Russian heritage. She’s also an amazing photographer, and I wouldn’t mind owning EVERYTHING in her new clothing collection! :)

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