Vintage Shop Return Policies

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vintage dresses debutante clothingI was thinning out my personal vintage dress collection and realized I had several pieces that I purchased knowing my own measurements very, very well and when I received my items they just didn’t fit.

Either my arms were too fat, or my rib cage was too wide. Yes, it even happens to professionals. So frustrating. Especially since I wasn’t able to return it as soon as I knew it wouldn’t work. I’m sure this has happened to you.

As a collector and vintage shop owner, it made me question my own return policy. Why would I put limits on my amazing customers that I don’t appreciate myself?

So I changed it!

I know this might be unpopular with many other sellers, and I fully understand, but I also understand the fear and frustration as a wearer of vintage when you receive a valuable piece or special dress and it doesn’t fit. It’s not like I am buying Extra Small when I know damn well I wear a 14 in 1950s dresses.

It was a tough decision for the following reasons:

  1. vintage is hard to find – what if something happens to it?
  2. there are some shady people out there who wear things and send them back
  3. it’s not my fault people don’t measure the basics like bust, waist, hips

These are all valid and realistic reasons. But then I thought about my customers – especially the ones who have been with me since 2005! The ones who know I sell quality and don’t haggle with me. And really I changed policy for them. And for people like me who are hunting for fantastic vintage, are willing to pay the price for quality, and are honest people.

Those kind of vintage loving gals are the ones I love and want to be friends with. They are worth the risk.

And besides, Karma is a fickle little bitch!


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