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If you grew up in the 80s like I did, then you worshiped Madonna, to some degree, especially in your early teens. I recall going to the swap meet to buy neon colored studded belts that wrapped around twice, neon ankle socks, rubber bracelets and Wayfarer knock offs. The pièce de résistance? My lace communion gloves of which I promptly cut off the fingers – yes I was grounded for that.

For most of us, we still think about those early forays into fashion and pop culture with warm nostalgia. So when I heard of the Material Girl line for Macy’s, I was thrilled to see Madonna and child bring back some of the fun pieces that made the 80s such a great time in fashion.

Madonna’s beautiful daughter, Lourdes, is getting a first rate education in entrepreneurship and style. Of course I was concerned with the decency level of the collection. I mean, do you really want your 13-year-old wearing a belt that says “Boy Toy”? But it seems Madonna, at least in promos, is a normal mom. She gives Lourdes a bit of room to express herself through her clothing, but does set some limits. Reminds me of my mom. Minus the empire.

I was quite pleased to see the pieces in the collection. I don’t have a daughter, but I do have a niece and I’d love to buy her some of items in the collection such as the plaid shirts and jackets. She’s a bit young for the skirts and shorts, but I’m sure she’s going to try her luck.

The Material Girl collection is available now at Macy’s. How about you? Would you let your teen girl wear Material Girl?

P.S. I had no idea that the photograph in the background, one of the images from the Like a Virgin album, was photographed by Steven Meisel!

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