Vintage Muse – Helsinki Pinup Queen

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I started reading The Freelancer’s Fashionblog last year. It is a daily read for me. This stunning blonde from Finland captured my attention with her sense of style and talent.

She struts about town in the most adorable vintage clothing. Not only can this woman mix and match decades with ease, she can tease you with a burlesque routine and sketch your next collection too. She even cooks! Ulrika is the perfect woman. Get to know her!

Name and City you reside:
Ulrika Bachér / The Freelancer’s Fashionblog. I live in Helsinki.

Favorite vintage piece:
I am the worst ever to choose between things … I have a lot of my grandmother’s old clothes and shoes that I love, then I also love my blue dress (that I nowadays mostly just use in a burlesque act) and my teak sofa which is inherited from my great grandparents… I thought of what I actually wear the most (and also, in the end, love the most), which is my leather jacket. A strong runner up is my cropped little jacket. I like it how I can wear the same outfit but still change my whole look depending on which of these two jackets I choose to wear!

Favorite vintage store, brick and mortar or online:
Online I would say ebay and etsy, since there is so much out there to find. At home I enjoy going to the big flea market in weekends and browse around the thrift- and antique shops in Kallio,Töölö and Kruunuhaka (which are parts of Helsinki). The shops Hoochie Mama Jane and Ansa are great since they have such a nice atmosphere, and also since I know the owners and therefore get to see the good stuff first! I go there a lot just to hang out and have coffee, not just for shopping.

Favorite decade
I like to take ideas and inspiration from the 1920’s – 1960’s; I think it’s nice to use elements from different eras depending on what mood you’re in. I’m mostly in to the fifties (and forties) though, not only style wise but also when it comes to music and home decor.

Vintage Icon:
I don’t have a specific one, but one could say I kind of have the everyday woman from before as a vintage icon – all the effort that was put in to ones look back then; the hair always so neatly made, the stocking seams straight, the gloves matching the purse etc. (The post WWII woman is a typical example – they had so little to go with but still managed to looked ravishing in curled hair and dresses made from old curtains for example). From nowadays I’d like to mention two fellow Helsinki girls whose styles I love; Minna Parikka and Fiona Timantti

Why do you love vintage?
I like the way you can use old items – take what you like from different eras, wear them like it was worn then or combine it with newer things; to take what you like and make it yours. I like the vintage silhouette; clothes from the eras I prefer are cut in a way that flatters my body. Compared with some of the new clothes I have the quality and duration is amazing – how an item can last for decades and still be going strong! And not to forget; wearing vintage is smart and ecological too (even though my choice of wearing vintage is mostly based on aesthetics).



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1 Meream { 05.29.09 at 10:49 am }

Wow, she has great taste. Off to read her blog. THanks for the link. :D

2 sophia { 06.15.16 at 11:57 am }

Great post!



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