Vintage Shoes – the book, the contest

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vintageshoes.jpgI’ve got footwear on the brain. Vintage footwear. I recently came across Caroline Cox’s magnificent book Vintage Shoes-Collecting and Wearing 20th Century Designer Footwear.
Booth Moore of the LA Times just did a write up on the book as well. I thumbed through it at Borders and I have to tell you, it is GORGEOUS. The images are a feast for shoe lovers.
I’ve also mentioned a few times that I am blogging over at Fantastic Toe Shoe Community. I have the tough job of finding beautiful vintage and vintage inspired shoes and gushing over them. What a life huh? It’s a really fun site for those of us that love shoes but love our worn in footwear as much as we love fantasizing about Louboutins.
So I am thrilled to announce that Fantastic Toe is hosting a giveaway contest just for Debutante Clothing readers!
You’ll win a brand new copy of Caroline Cox’s book, Vintage Shoes just for showing us your shoes: real life or wishing for.
Here’s what you have to do:
1. sign up for an account at and enter promo code “Debutante” in the form so we know you’re entering the contest
2. if you upload images of your “collection” of shoes, you get an additional entry in the contest. they can be your real shoes or shoes you love
3. 1 picture = 1 additional chance to win, so the more pics you post, the better your chances of winning
4. post a link to your Fantastic Toe page in the comments below
That’s it!
The contest will end on 11/14, so sign up! I can’t wait to see everyone’s footwear. I bet we can write a book of our own.

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1 penny { 11.03.08 at 7:59 am }

ohhh yes that’s on my amazon wishlist for christmas!!!

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