Vintage Shopping | My First Show Ever – A Current Affair Review

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December 10th and 11th I participated in A Current Affair – a pop up vintage marketplace at the Cooper Design Space in Downtown LA. It was a first for me. My first show ever. I’ve always gone to the Vintage Expo as a spectator or a buyer, but I had never attended a show as a vendor. What an experience! Where to start…

First, I respect all vintage dealers who only do shows. Seriously people. When they say a dress costs $300, don’t flinch. The amount of physical labor that goes into planning and setting up for a vintage show is awe inspiring. Richard Wainwright and Joey Grana planned A Current Affair so well, it was relatively painless.

The Goods
What an array of vintage fashion. You really had everything under the sun, from Victorian jewelry to funky 1980s pieces. The amazing part was that everything was very well curated for the person that loves to wear vintage in a fashion forward kind of way. Sound like an oxy moron? Liz Goldwyn gets it.

Liz was the hostess for the event. She picked ten pieces from the show and then signed copies of her beautiful book, now in paperback, Pretty Things. Her style is inspiring because she dares to wear many decades and always pulls off her look in a modern way.


I was thrilled when she picked one of my dresses! A gorgeous teal green party dress with a sculptured skirt and pleated bust. I actually brought this dress with me with her in mind. I could just see her in it. Unfortunately, the dress did not fit the mannequins. Nor Liz’s bustline when she tried it on. So sad. But it was the ultimate affirmation and compliment that Liz Goldwyn would like one of my pieces.








Another celeb in the house was Marisa Tomei. Marisa is a huge vintage connoiseur. Red carpet, real life, she’s constantly spotted wearing vintage. She stopped by my booth and I was a bit star struck again. Out of respect for her privacy, I won’t reveal any purchases, but I was a very happy vendor. You can sort of see her crouched down in the image above, admiring some of Richard’s stunning jewelry.

Tommy Ton was also present, taking pictures of Liz for a photo essay and blog post for Nowness.

I also sold several vintage Gucci pieces to some well known LA/NY vintage dealers – I won’t mention any names.

photo: Melissa Manning/

photo: Melissa Manning/

photo: Melissa Manning/

I’m looking forward to doing A Current Affair again. I hope I can replenish my inventory by then!

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1 Chandra (@ShiftC) { 12.23.10 at 10:53 am }

I’m glad you had a nice experience, Sandra. Will this be something that you do on an annual basis? Will you consider selling at other events?

2 Sandra { 12.23.10 at 10:57 am }

Thanks Chandra! My impression is that A Current Affair will happen a few times a year. Quarterly maybe? i wouldn’t mind doing other events after a bit more experience under my belt. Selling at a show is so different from selling online, but it was worth it. I have to admit I am much more of a social person than I thought.

3 Daisy Fairbanks { 12.23.10 at 1:31 pm }

Congratulations Sandra! Your booth looks so inviting. I’d love to have seen the show, from your photos is seems very nicely presented.
Your jewelry looks gorgeous!

4 Sandra { 12.23.10 at 1:41 pm }

Thanks Eileen. i tried to bring a nice eclectic mix for the fashion crowd. It was very successful by my show amateur standards. LOL.

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