Vintage Shop Return Policies

I was thinning out my personal vintage dress collection and realized I had several pieces that I purchased knowing my own measurements very, very well and when I received my items they just didn’t fit. Either my arms were too fat, or my rib cage was too wide. Yes, it…

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13 Problems Only Real Vintage Lovers Will Understand

Styleite published a blog post back in February about vintage problems. Although it was funny and a fun read, it did have some glaring errors (read #6). So here’s a seasoned vintage wearer and seller’s take on vintage problems… 1. Your torso is too long for 50s dresses 2. You…

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Vintage Barbie Has a Better Life Than YOU

  Ok, I have to admit. Most of my Barbies ended up with some horrific makeovers. Hair cut with Crayola scissors created some interesting avant garde hairstyles. My markers made Barbie look like she was a MAC cosmetics model. But of course I always wished I could live in the…

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New Debutante Clothing Vintage Showroom

It’s been a while! Sorry. I have been really busy packing, moving, unpacking. I moved into a beautiful new space, just across the street from the old showroom. Still in the exciting Arts Colony in Downtown Pomona, CA (most eastern part of LA County). I love it! It’s a bit…

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Vintage Dealer Doris Raymond of The Way We Wore Back on TV

One of my most favorite Vintagepreneurs™ and mentors is Doris Raymond of the Way We Wore. Her vintage shop in Los Angeles is a treasure trove of some of the finest and rarest vintage on the market. If any vintage seller deserves to be spotlighted by the Smithsonian it would…

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Happy 2015!

I have to be honest. I’m so glad 2014 is done. It wasn’t the best of years for me creatively or personally. That’s what’s great about a new year. As soon as it strikes 12, you can start over. Like starting with an A at the semester in school. And…

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Vintage Home Decor & Accessories at

If you have an obsession with vintage jewelry and accessories, chances are your home is accessorized in vintage too. One King Lane was one of the first home decor marketplaces to carry vintage jewelry and accessories. is the newest online marketplace that offers all vintage home decor, lighting, furniture…

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Link Love

I hope you are had a great week. My week was made sweeter by these links all about vintage! Enjoy! History of Blond Bombshells Best Vintage Shopping Apps 100 Years of Hairstyles in Under 1 minute Leslie Hindman Vintage Fashion Auction Catalog This guy sells killer mid century modern furniture…

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Vintage Links

Expert vintage hunters share their fave finds and business tips Vintage beauty tutorials Nasty Gal is selling a collection of vintage Chanel Eight awesome vintage jewelry dealers on Etsy Surprisingly non-typical opinions of men on women’s style    


Vintage Inspired Layers

The weather is cooling down here in California – finally! I can’t wait to wear my comfy sweaters and coats. I teamed up with ModCloth to create a Polyvore style board of some of my favorite layering pieces for fall! I am completely in love with all these pieces. The…

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